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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#91 Add point detail in Aven - Team, Comments, Date, etc new enhancement major Other
#16 svx files with unconnected parts new enhancement minor cavern
#19 Non-fatal errors are apparently fatal assigned defect minor cavern
#22 Don't redraw full scene to update measuring line assigned defect minor aven
#23 Show coordinates and measured distances more clearly assigned defect minor aven
#33 extend should break tubes when it breaks loops new defect minor Other
#40 Extra-high res screenshots new enhancement minor aven
#49 aven: Allow exaggerating Z new enhancement minor aven
#50 Provide estimates of errors new enhancement minor cavern
#51 Dim/colour surface legs new defect minor aven
#53 Texture mapping onto terrain data new defect minor aven
#57 Smooth shading of terrain new enhancement minor aven
#59 Cross-check clino on diving data and average new defect minor cavern
#60 Splay handling in printing and export new defect minor aven
#62 Turn through angle surveying data style new enhancement minor cavern
#66 Print individual stations with LRUD for drawing up new enhancement minor aven
#67 More flexible print "page view" assigned enhancement minor aven
#68 Extend command specfile new enhancement minor cavern
#70 Print in colour new enhancement minor aven
#74 Dimensions for vertical passages new enhancement minor Other
#76 Stop pitches becoming 2D sheets in tubes new defect minor aven
#80 Cave statistics new enhancement minor Other
#82 Support more terrain data types new defect minor aven
#84 Support round tripping to svg files new enhancement minor Other
#85 Enable survex parser to be used by more external programs new enhancement minor Other
#86 Stop printing N-nodes info by default new enhancement minor cavern
#87 export to shape file new enhancement minor aven
#88 Geotiff terrain data new enhancement minor Other
#97 Support exporting cave names from survexport --gpx --entrances new enhancement minor Other
#99 Survex export to kml with 3d passages new enhancement minor aven
#105 Add an "outer end of splay" station flag assigned enhancement minor aven
#110 macOS full screen mode new defect minor aven
#115 cavern: show total length of splays new enhancement minor cavern
#124 It should be possible to fix x,y separately from z new enhancement minor Other
#130 wrong angles in Inkscape new defect minor cavern
#132 Imperial scale for printing/export assigned enhancement minor aven
#135 Cavern tokenisation oddity new defect minor cavern
#96 times according to ISO 8601 new task trivial Other
#114 Provide way to exclude survey data from processing new enhancement trivial cavern
#116 Station label options new enhancement trivial aven
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