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Add point detail in Aven - Team, Comments, Date, etc

Reported by: Rob Eavis Owned by: Olly Betts
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Lots of data is hidden in the .svx file that cannot be access via the (more commonly shared) .3d file. Knowing the team that surveyed a leg or what date exactly that it was done would be invaluable, especially in large projects where the .svx file are not accessible to all. Also being able to add "Comments" for a point, which can then be accessed in Aven would be very useful.

Just thinking how this could work. These features could be interfaced in Aven by clicking (left or right) on a point, bringing up a temporary "information box". The points that include additional comments could maybe be coloured differently to show additional information available.

As this comment would sit with the station, rather than the leg, it could be entered at the [*data passage station left right up down comments] stage, and so exactly specifying which station the comment refers to.

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comment:1 Changed 18 months ago by Eric C. Landgraf

Walls has a similar functionality, with syntax #Note <station> text about station. I see this mostly used to mark leads, and it is visible-by-default in the 2d lineplot viewer.

I propose we include 2 different data types: *qm <station> "text about lead" (alternately *lead; I think we could make these aliases to each other), and *note <station> "textual comment". I've not dove into the internal representation in the .3d file, but it would be sensible then to "show QMs" and "show notes" in the aven viewer without having to construct a whole tooltip on hover; it would basically just have the text near the station when you zoom in.

A first cut is to add these as keywords in the cavern parser with some syntax semantics documented, as we currently handle *team, *instruments, *ref.

One question that is getting off into the weeds on *qm: do we want a "priority" ranking, so someone can build a little "lead list" app thtat reads the 3d files, and sorts by distance from entrance or point.

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