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Results of declination auto in log file

Reported by: Rob Eavis Owned by: Olly Betts
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When using *declination auto <x> <y> <z> it is hard to check if it is actually working correctly. It would be helpful therefore if the declination value used (based on location and date) was recorded in the process log file.

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Olly Betts

The problem is the sheer amount of declination information that there is for a larger dataset - even if you only specify one location to calculate declinations at there's a separate declination value for every different date. For example, in CUCC's Austria dataset there are currently 702 different dates so at least 702 declination values to report. To be useful I think it would have to be shown as some sort of graph or chart, or stored in the 3d file so you could check what it was for a particular leg (or even colour by declination).

comment:2 Changed 16 months ago by Olly Betts

It would also be useful to report the convergence values. Those at least don't vary by date, only location, so it would probably be feasible to just report as a "note: convergence correction 1.07° applied" each time *declination auto is used.

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