Known Issues with 1.2.28

The new terrain rendering feature in aven is still somewhat experimental, and has a few known limitations:

  • #56 The altitude of the terrain and altitudes from GPS fixes don't match (typically off by a few 10s of metres)

If you are building from source but don't have libav or FFmpeg installed, the movie export code will fail to compile. Applying the change from [c54d6fc15ee25e01de4542a22e482a4af7936341/git] should solve this.

If you are building from source and have an older version of libav or FFmpeg installed, the code to support these is missing from the distribution. You can download the missing and an updated moviemaker.h and put them in the src subdirectory to fix this.

On Microsoft Windows, aven fails to run with an error dialog. There's no work around, but this is fixed in 1.2.29.

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