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#25 fixed Installation problems using Win7 Olly Betts Becka Lawson

My operating system is Win7 which doesn't seem to agree with Survex. When I just install Survex it won't work at all. Julian fiddled around to specify paths and eventually got .svx files to process by double-clicking on them but this doesn't produce a .log file so I don't know the vital statistics for a successfully processed file and, much worse, if there's an error it doesn't give me any hints about what it is.

I can run Survex using Command Prompts but I have to specify the full path to find the programme (so "ProgamFiles?\Survex\cavern.exe" witchesII.svx for example and again this doesn't save a log file.

On the CUCC expo this summer the Expo machine running Linux was also not producing log files so perhaps this is a more general problem?

#26 fixed Aven says "Bug in Program" on certain 3d files Olly Betts Mike

Windows version of Aven 1.2.1 flags "Assertion Failed! ... file line 2233 Expression z<=z_ext" on certain .3d files. Pressing "Ignore" button, aven continue and produces a result but I haven't checked if it's correct! "Abort" goes to "Bug in program detected. Please report this to the authors".

On Ubuntu, the same 3d file also fails. There is no assertion failiure dialog box and it goes straight to the "Bug in program..." dialog.

Graham Mullan referred to the Asertion Failure on the Survex list but doesn't seem to have raised a ticket. I have not seen the problem on any of my "real" survey files but found it with the file cave.3d buried in the Therion samples/survex directory. I have reduced this to a single simple file, attached, which reproduces the problem. It's hard to say how serious this is.

#27 duplicate Assertion failed line 2232 Olly Betts Duncan Collis

On clicking 'show tubes' for the attached 3d file I get the following error message (which, incidentally, I can't copy + paste, which is unhelpful)

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Program Files\Survex\aven.exe File: Line: 2232

Expression: z >=0.0

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