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#10 fixed cad3d and export from Aven should produce identical .dxf files Olly Betts Duncan Collis

There are two ways to produce .dxf files from a .3d file, producing different results:

cad3d produces a .dxf file which preserves the absolute co-ordinates used in the .3d file

export from Aven produces a .dxf file in which the origin of the co-ordinate system has been moved (probably to the centre of the network, haven't checked...)

Both are valid .dxf files, but the difference seems arbitrary and confusing. Perhaps both methods should give a choice of outputs.

#11 fixed Aven fails to process .svx file, empty log window, WinXPSp3 Olly Betts Duncan Collis

Attempts to open .svx files in Aven fail, with an error dialog reading "Failed to process survey data - see log window for details", but the log window is empty. These data files compile fine using cavern.

This problem only occuring on WinXPsp3 laptop, get a different problem on Ubuntu machine (logged separately).

#12 worksforme Aven displays log very slowly when processing .svx file Olly Betts Duncan Collis

The log file is displayed incredibly slowly when Aven causes a .svx file to be processed; for example in one case a file which takes 0.07s to process (according to the log) takes around 12s for the log to be displayed; the text appears slowly line-by-line.

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