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#89 fixed Negative altitudes in KML export Olly Betts Erin Lynch

If I open the following example in aven and export underground survey legs as KML, the resulting KML files has negative altitude values.


*cs out UTM49N
*cs UTM49N
*fix	gps	0453838	2786895	217.5557
gps	1	10	0	0

Output: ...



#90 fixed Malformed KML on survey, names and passages export Olly Betts Erin Lynch

If I exporting the attached file to KML with the Underground Survey, Station Names, and Passage Walls options all selected, it produces malformed KML. (This does not happen if you use a different combination of export options).

I've attached the data (test.svx), the output KML (test.kml), and the result of opening the KML in Google Earth and then saving the result as a KML (test-export.kml). When open in Google Earth, test.kml has some lines which appear in middle of the ocean, etc. The final element in test-export.kml contains:

<coordinates> 110.54017826,25.19636597,-213.09 110.54017978,25.1963312,-212.19 110.54017978,25.1963312,-211.34 25.19749535,-217.56,25.19749535 -217.56,25.19744036,-216.11 25.19741833000001,-215.82,25.1975296 -216.37,25.19764738,-213.47 25.19742375,-215.5,25.19742375 -215.75,25.19750557,-212.54 25.19726891,-214.4,25.19727652 -215.46,25.19722549,-215.04 25.19732882,-214.71,25.19742 -213.71,25.19712107,-215.84 25.19697584,-215.28,25.19673831 -214.7,25.19669255000001,-216.68 25.19666739,-213.49,25.19648383 -214.75,25.19641432,-215.59 25.19633302,-215.19,25.19633302 -215.39,25.19636597,-213.09 25.19639576,-212.28,25.1963312 -212.19,25.1963312,-211.34 </coordinates>

Cheers, Erin

#93 fixed Most recent version for macos is 1.2.27 Olly Betts Julian Todd

There's one here:

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