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#63 fixed Invalid GPX file created Olly Betts Wookey

If you use aven to export a GPX file and just tick 'entrances', then the resulting file has a </gpx> at the end, but does not have a <gpx> tag at the start. Programs will refuse to import it as invalid (QGIS and viking tested).

#64 fixed Terrain loading fails on Windows Olly Betts Olly Betts

Jenny was unable to get terrain to load, instead just getting a grey disk at altitude 0. I've fixed the error checking for 1.2.20, so it now actually fails, but the inability to load terrain remains. My attempts to debug suggest that the wxZipInputStream class always fails to read anything, returning an unhelpful "generic read error".

#65 fixed patch for printing cross sections Olly Betts michael

During the final week of expo this summer I modified the version of survex on the expo laptop to print cross sections with the arrow heads < and > rotated to the orientation of both the LRUD and the bearing of the page. Wookey then made this into a patch and emailed it to Olly but it has not reappeared since. What has become of it.

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