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Stop printing N-nodes info by default

Reported by: Wookey Owned by: Olly Betts
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Survex has reported how many nodes of each N there are in the processed data since it was created. This was a neat touch, but mostly more of a curio than important data.

As laser splay-surveying becomes more popular then number of node-sizes is rising (there is now a 35-node in the Austria dataset), and you pretty-much get a screenfull of this stuff scrolling the important info about cave length and warnings off the screen.

I really think that printing this out on stdout is now much more unhelpful than helpful and we should probably stop doing it unless someone asks for it. It's been annoying (to me at least) for a long time, but the distoX surveying style really has pushed it over the edge.

There is a related matter of putting the 'calculated statistics' somewhere more useful than just in the output stream, especially if we add area and volume (see )

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Olly Betts

I wonder if the real issue here is more that splays are treated as legs here (and in the count of legs above).

I know in CUCC we used to find these useful as a way of spotting cock-ups in the data, though I'm a bit hazy on exactly what sort. But perhaps without the splay contamination they still are useful - you'd not get a whole screenful, and they would indicate how many actual legs are tied into a junction. If nothing else, they'd point up if someone's put in a load of splay data without it being flagged as splays!

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by Olly Betts

(Whatever we do, I think this is useful to keep this available for the testsuite as it provides an easy extra check that the data was processed as expected.)

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