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#81 fixed Export as Movie produces corrupted files on WIndows Olly Betts Erin Lynch

I've been trying to export a movie using the presentation tools in 1.2.7 on Windows 8.1. I'm able to open the MPG output in VLC media player, but the movie has large vertical stripes and blurry blocks. The top of the altitude bar is the only thing that is clear. The other formats options (AVi, Quicktime, WMV) produce output which won't open at all.

#79 fixed Errors when building survex RPM for fedora Olly Betts jmbegley

There are 2 errors with the survex.spec file when attempting to build a RPM for fedora 23. These are:

1) The survex mime file has moved from /usr/share/mime/survex* to /usr/share/mime/packages/survex.xml so the %files section of the spec file needs updating, and

2) Fedora 23 has upgraded to RPM version 4.13, which is fussier about empty package files. By default an empty 'survex-debug' package will be built, which will now cause the rpmbuild process to fail. Google suggests that the 'fix' for this is to include

# workaround for rpm 4.13 %define _empty_manifest_terminate_build 0

in the spec file - I just added this before the %description section and the build then worked fine.

Cheers, James

#78 fixed CLINO and BACKCLINO readings must be of the same type for DOWN/DOWN, corrected backsights Olly Betts Andy Edwards

Here's an except of my data:

*begin ; 111: <REDACTED>
*date 1983.07.13

*team <REDACTED>
*team <REDACTED>
*units tape feet
*calibrate BACKCOMPASS 180.00
*calibrate BACKCLINO 0.00 -1.00

*data normal from to tape compass backcompass clino backclino
;From       To          Distance    Compass     BackCompass Clino       BackClino  
HC14        HC15        10.7        296         296         -26         -26               
HC15        HC16        1.3         -           -           DOWN        DOWN      

Cavern complains that "CLINO and BACKCLINO readings must be of the same type" for the DOWN/DOWN line, but not the -26/-26 line.

Is this invalid Survex data or is it a bug in Cavern?

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