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#98 fixed Add gtksourceview-3.0 language file Olly Betts Philip Withnall

If we install a gtksourceview-3.0 language file to /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs, gedit and other GtkSourceView?-based editors will get syntax highlighting. This will be particularly useful on the Expo laptop.

I’ve written a language file and will attach it to this ticket. I lack the enthusiasm to get it installed via autotools at the moment though.

The language file follows the documentation here: There seem to be some differences between the documentation and common usage wrt *team and *instrument commands. I’ve stuck with what the documentation specifies.

The reference for the GtkSourceView? language-spec format is here:

#95 fixed Error in the German translation Olly Betts milosch

left down corner

Englisch E = Easting N= Northing is correct German H and R ist NOT correct

Easting = german Rechtswert Northing = german Hochwert

&Seitliches Kontrollfeld %.2f R, %.2f H would be correct

#94 fixed Color by error: fade legs not in loop Olly Betts Erin Lynch

For clearer visualization in color by error mode, please "fade" the legs not in loops by using grey instead of white. The bright white is overpowering and makes it difficult to see the loops in complicated mazes.

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