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#11 fixed Aven fails to process .svx file, empty log window, WinXPSp3 Olly Betts Duncan Collis

Attempts to open .svx files in Aven fail, with an error dialog reading "Failed to process survey data - see log window for details", but the log window is empty. These data files compile fine using cavern.

This problem only occuring on WinXPsp3 laptop, get a different problem on Ubuntu machine (logged separately).

#13 fixed No way to view centreline after opening .svx file in Aven Olly Betts Duncan Collis

After opening a .svx file in Aven, the log is displayed but there is no obvious way to cause the centreline to be shown. If a .3d file is opened at this point, the previous log file is still displayed.

#14 fixed Support survey dates before 1970 Olly Betts Graham

It would be useful if Survex could be made to register dates earlier than 1970. At least as far back as 1940 would be good for me.

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