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#73 fixed Displaying LRUDs for vertical legs Olly Betts Erin Lynch

There is a bug in the way LRUDs are displayed for stations connected by a vertical leg. The example below should produce a tube which is 10m tall and 10m wide, but in aven the passage at stations 1 and 2 is 20m tall with an abrupt step.

*data normal from to tape compass clino 0 1 20 0 0 1 2 10 - UP 2 3 20 0 0

*data passage station left right up down 0 5 5 10 0 1 5 5 10 0 2 5 5 0 10 3 5 5 0 10

#75 fixed Problem processing .svx files with aven Olly Betts Alan Gray


I have been successfully using Survex for many years – a fantastic piece of software.

After completing a partial re-survey of Upper Canada Cave (Mendip, UK) yesterday I created the text file as usual and renamed it with the .svx extension. I decided to see if there was an update of the Survex software and I updated from release 1.2.23 to 1.2.24. Right clicked in the Upper Canada Cave.svx file and the Aven screen was displayed with normal headings but with a white screen where the line survey should be. No Log File, 3D file or Error files were created.

I tried viewing one of my old 3D files in Aven (UCC.3D) and it worked perfectly; however when I tried to Process the old data file (UCC.svx) the same error occurred as detailed in the paragraph above.

I then removed Survex 1.2.24 from my computer and reinstalled 1.2.23 but the same error occurred as detailed in the paragraph above.

Please could you let me know how to fix this as I would dearly like to see the results of yesterdays survey. Something stupid that I have, or have not done I’m sure.

Many thanks

Alan Gray

#77 fixed missing "error: " or "warning: " in front of "CLINO and BACKCLINO readings must be of the same type" Olly Betts Andy Edwards

I recently started contributing to Cavewhere, which uses Survex as a backend. When I tried importing Fisher Ridge data into it, Cavern crashed saying "too many errors -- giving up".

I couldn't find "error" anywhere in its output, but I did see the following message in several places. Is this a warning or an error?

0kz1lsqn0fg37x3tt94dvdsm0000gn/T/Cavewhere.L39692:11033: CLINO and BACKCLINO readings must be of the same type

I think Cavewhere relies on finding "warning" or "error" in Cavern output to mark warnings and errors in its UI.

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