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#48 fixed cavern: Errors do not say 'ERROR' Olly Betts Wookey

On cavern runs the warnings say 'WARNING' but the errors (which prevent a 3d file being output) do not say 'ERROR', so it can be very hard to find the actual offending issue in the output, especially when there is a lot of it.

This is noticeable in a project with backbearings for example, where a lot of 'mismatched backbearing' warnings can obscure the important ERROR lines.

Can we please just mark errors explicitly with something greppable? (probably 'ERROR:')

This could be described as an enhancement or a bug, but I'm going to file it as a bug as it seems wrong, given the WARNING output.

#52 fixed Labelling printouts Olly Betts Erin Lynch

When printing multi-page surveys from aven on Windows, the line:

Survey "porcupine" Page 1 (of 2) Processed on Tues,2015.03.24 ...

doesn't print on every page.

Moreover, scale and orientation information should be included in this line to be printed on every page.

#54 fixed Automatic Declination adjustment Olly Betts Wookey

If surveys are dated and geolocated than a magnetic instrument correction can be automatically calculated.

As Survex has recently gained geolocation capabilities this is now a practical option. Therion has done this for a long time using the IGRF model coefficients and its own C++ code. Here is a C-library that may well do the trick:

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