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#1 fixed Update Trac Settings somebody David A. Riggs

Please update the trac site settings so people can properly submit bugs.

Components should list things like:

cavern, aven, svxedit, website, packaging, etc.

Versions should list versions that may be encountered in the wild like:

1.0.39, 1.1.12, trunk

#2 fixed netbits.c:1074: covariance matrix is singular Olly Betts susscorfa

When i run the all.svx file i get this error

"netbits.c:1074: covariance matrix is singular"

I have no clue where the problem is

#4 fixed Passage information should be supported in more export formats Olly Betts Olly Betts

Currently exporting doesn't allow you to include passage information in some formats which really ought to allow it:

  • HPGL? Is this still used?
  • GPX? Doesn't seem to support polygons - draw tracks along the walls?
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