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#112 invalid 3D files generated by Therion do not allow you to click on splay legs in Aven Olly Betts Tarquin Wilton-Jones

Use Therion to export a .3d file that has anonymous splay legs ("-"). Open the .3d file in Aven. Enable splays (eg. "view - splays - fade"). Try to click on the end of a splay leg; nothing happens, they are not selectable. This makes it impossible to measure distances between splays, such as when trying to measure the height of a pitch from its lip to the base.

Use Cavern to export a .3d using equivalent data with anonymous splay legs (".."). This time you can click on the end of a splay leg.

It is possible that this is because Therion has intentionally chosen a different type of point for the end of the splay. If so, this is a Therion bug rather than a Survex bug.

Tested on Windows 10 and Linux.

#111 fixed 1.2.42 colours legs not in loop as blue Olly Betts Bruce Mutton

Version 1.2.37 and earlier did not colour legs that are not part of a loop. This is the correct behaviour I expect. Version 1.2.42 colours all legs dark blue, for the particular survey I am looking at, whether or not they are in a loop. The survey was processed with 1.2.42, so this particular instance seems not to be a cross version issue.

#108 fixed SVG Export question/odditity Olly Betts Richard Knapp

I am working to export a 'shadow' version of my project. I tried many options and finally got the export as SVG with walls. The export worked fine but looking at the image, something didn't look correct.

I thought it might be program importing image so I tried a generic SVG viewer and see the same thing.

It appears some of the passage dimensions are reversed in the SVG version versus the Aven displaced Tubes. (trying to figure out how to attach the SVG and an Aven screen shot for comparison)

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