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1Changes in 1.2.39 (2019-06-29):
3* Support versions 5.x and 6.x of the PROJ library we use for handling
4  conversions between coordinate systems.  Reported by Bas Couwenberg
5  in #102, by Richard Knapp in #103 and by Martin Sluka in email.
7* (Unix and Mac OS versions): When checking if something is a file or if it is
8  a directory, we no longer treat a symlink as being neither, but instead
9  return an answer based on what the symlink points to.
11* aven:
13  + Improve handling of hidden splay ends.  Previously, hidden splay ends still
14    served as "targets" for snapping the mouse pointer to, and still got
15    crosses when crosses were enabled.  We don't have a handy flag for "this is
16    the outer end of a splay" and computing that on demand isn't so easy to do,
17    so for now we use the "anonymous station" flag so at least these cases now
18    behave properly for splays to anonymous stations (which is likely to be
19    what people with huge numbers of splays from disto-x, etc are using).  This
20    does mean that anonymous stations on continuation passages will incorrectly
21    also be off when splays are hidden, but that seems an OK trade-off for now
22    and a definite improvement over the previous situation.  The snapping of
23    the mouse pointer was reported by Frank Tully in #105.
25  + Fix typo in export UI (CVS should be CSV).
27* Documentation:
29  + Add CSV to documented list of survexport output formats.
31  + Fix *declination syntax synopsis - "auto" is a literal string, not a
32    placeholder.
34  + Update PROJ project name and website - the name is now "PROJ" (all caps and
35    no ".4" suffix) and the website is now:
37* Install gtksourceview-3.0 language file so .svx files now get syntax
38  highlighting in gedit and other GtkSourceView-based editors.  Patch
39  from Philip Withnall.  Fixes #98.
41* (Microsoft Windows version): The Survex installer doesn't uninstall the old
42  version when you upgrade, but just overwrites it with the new version.  In
43  1.2.35 cad3d.exe was replaced with survexport.exe, but a user upgrading from
44  an older version would still have cad3d.exe from that old version.  We now
45  remove any old cad3d.exe left over from a previous install in the same
46  location to avoid confusion.
48* Add a few more message translations.
50* Fix warnings when built with a C++11 compiler.
52Changes in 1.2.38 (2019-03-02):
54* cavern:
56  + Deprecate MILS as angular units.  Survex has long support MILS as an alias
57    for GRADS.  However, this seems to be a bogus definition of a "mil" which
58    is unique to Survex (except that Therion has since copied it) - there are
59    several different definitions of a "mil" but they vary from 6000 to 6400 in
60    a full circle, not 400.  Reported by Andy Edwards.
62  + Fix segfault for *include "".  This isn't useful, but shouldn't crash.  It
63    now reports "file not found" instead.
65  + Use isnan() to check for not-a-number.  This is cleaner, more robust and
66    more efficient than formatting the number as a string and checking for
67    "NaN" or "nan" in the result.
69* Avoid unused variable warning when compiling from source with modern ffmpeg.
71* Drop support for wxWidgets < 3.0.  3.0.0 was released over 5 years ago and
72  should be easily available everywhere by now.  I'm no longer easily able to
73  test with wxWidgets 2.8, and this allows a significant amount of cruft to be
74  removed.
76* (Linux version): survex.spec: Fedora have removed gcc from the default build
77  environment so need to explicitly list it in the BuildRequires tag.  See
78 for more
79  information.  Patch from James Begley.
81Changes in 1.2.37 (2018-11-18):
83* aven:
85  + Add basic "Colour by Survey" feature.  The colours used aren't currently
86    controllable.
88  + Fix export of splays.  Patch from Thomas Holder.
90  + Fix KML export to avoid invalid geometry when a tube intersects itself.
91    Patch from Robert Jones.
93  + (Unix version): Fix to work under Wayland by forcing the x11 GDK backend
94    for now.  This is a workaround until wxWidgets OpenGL support is updated
95    to work under Wayland.  Reported by Philip Balister.
97  + Fix warnings about using deprecated functions when building movie export
98    code using FFmpeg 4.0.
100* cavern:
102  + Compass MAK files: Handle fixed point coordinates in feet - previously the
103    units were ignored and the coordinates assumed to be in metres.
105  + Previously the first byte in a MAK file was ignored.  Typically MAK files
106    start with a comment, and since cavern currently ignores lines that start
107    with characters it doesn't understand the meaning of, this bug would often
108    go unnoticed.
110* survexport:
112  + Fix exporting of passages, walls and cross-sections by running the code
113    aven uses to decide how much to rotate each cross-section.  Previously all
114    cross-sections were aligned West-East.  Reported by Robert Jones.
116  + Default to .pos output if the program name is 3dtopos, and install a second
117    copy (or hardlink under Unix) as 3dtopos.  This provides compatibility with
118    current releases of Tunnel.  Reported by Becka Lawson, Wookey and
119    Stephen Crabtree.
121* Fix some German translations.  Patch from Thomas Holder.
123* (MacOS X version): Fix aven-create-app to not delete converted icons.
124  Typo spotted by Robert Jones.
126* Improve documentation for *team.  Document the requirement to quote names
127  unless a person is identified by just one name.  Document that the roles are
128  optional, as that information may not have been recorded, and to align with
129  therion's team command.
131Changes in 1.2.36 (2018-07-18):
133* aven:
135  + Add support for exporting as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.
137  + Support exporting KML with altitude mode "clamp to ground".  In this mode,
138    the altitude in the data is ignored and it's rendered on the surface of the
139    terrain.  This is useful if your KML viewer renders the terrain as opaque
140    so underground data isn't visible.  Rendering cave passages on the surface
141    isn't great, but is better than not being able to see them at all.  This
142    option may also be helpful if you want to see where to look on the surface
143    for new entrances.
145  + Highlight surveys with a white loop as the mouse is moved over them in
146    the survey tree.  This is akin to how we highlight a station with a
147    white ring, and allows restoring "double-click survey in tree to zoom"
148    which temporarily required a quadruple-click in 1.2.35.
150  + Only show checkboxes in the survey tree for surveys not stations.
152  + Fix wxWidgets assertion if the user tried to select additional surveys
153    to show via the right-click menu.
155  + Fix multiple survey filtering when both a parent and child survey are
156    selected.  In this case it makes most sense to show all child surveys of
157    the parent, but we actually showed a slightly arbitrary subset of the
158    child surveys of the parent.
160  + The checkbox area in the survey tree is now included in the area which
161    is considered by mouse-over updates such as highlighting the station or
162    survey.
164  + Fix display of double quotes in cavern log window (they were being replaced
165    with control character 0x16 due to a typo in the code).
167  + Add shortcuts to buttons in cavern log window.
169  + Eliminate use of gluErrorString() function which eliminates some
170    deprecation warnings when building on macOS.
172  + Reject multiple --survey command line options for now (only the last has
173    been used for a long time, but now we actually support multiple survey
174    filtering this matters more).
176* survexport:
178  + Report a useful error when trying to convert a .3d file without coordinate
179    system information to GPS.  Reported by Mark Shinwell.
181  + Handle multiple redundant --survey command line options correctly.
183* dump3d: Report station flag "WALL", which was added in 1.2.7.
185* Minor translation updates.
187* Update manual for Microsoft Windows changes.
189* tests/: Add test coverage for warnings about suspect readings
191* Fix warning when compiling with clang.
193Changes in 1.2.35 (2018-07-03):
195* aven:
197  + Viewing can now be restricted to multiple surveys.  Use the right-button
198    menu on a survey in the survey tree and select "Show" to enable checkboxes
199    for that survey and all its siblings.  Only the selected surveys are shown
200    on screen, printed and exported.
202  + Don't open a survey when its name is double clicked.  This was happening
203    due to code added to "allow double-clicking to work on wxMSW >= 2.8.11".
204    However, reverting that change still seems to allow double-clicking to work
205    on both wxMSW and wxGTK, but fixes the unwanted additional opening of the
206    survey.
208  + Pick initial survey scaling based on whichever of the window width or
209    height gives the smaller scale.  Previously we always used the window
210    width, which can result in parts of the cave being outside the initial
211    view.  Reported by Wookey.
213  + Drop ability to specify a PROJ string in the export dialog.  This was added
214    to allow exporting to formats such as GPX before we added support for
215    specifying the projection in .svx files, and that support is now mature.
217  + DXF export now uses 2 decimal places (was 6) for the bounding box, for
218    consistency with the precision used for coordinates.
220  + Fix handling of surface flag during export.  In formats which discriminate,
221    legs could previously have got assigned the wrong status.
223  + Fix bug which probably prevented aven starting when OpenGL double buffering
224    is unavailable.  This is unlikely to affect any common configurations.
226  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix loading of 3d files with non-ASCII
227    filenames.  Issue reported by Matic.
229  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix incorrect display of some toolbar icons.
230    Probably broken since 1.2.17.
232* survexport: New command-line export program which uses aven's export code.
233  Replaces 3dtopos, cad3d and findentrances, since it can do all that these
234  tools could do, plus much more.
236* Merge more Spanish i18n updates from Evaristo Quiroga.
238* Minor updates to various other translations.
240* img library:
242  + Now supports reading from and writing to an existing FILE*.
244  + Improve API documentation.
246* (Microsoft Windows version): Fix packaging to include wxWidgets translation
247  files like it was supposed to, which fixes a few missing translations.  This
248  was probably broken by changes in 1.2.8.  Reported by Evaristo Quiroga.
250* (Microsoft Windows version): Drop two options from explorer bindings.
251  "Convert to DXF" and "Convert for hand plotting" have both been supported via
252  aven for a while, and that's a more useful way to access them as you can
253  control what gets exported.
255Changes in 1.2.34 (2018-03-24):
257* aven:
259  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix error on startup in the pre-built version
260    of 1.2.33.
262  + (Microsoft Windows version): Now using wxWidgets 3.0.4 (was 3.0.2).
264Changes in 1.2.33 (2018-03-22):
266* aven:
268  + Reliably disable scale bar in perspective view.  This is supposed to happen
269    (because the scale across the screen varies in perspective view) but
270    actually the scale bar stayed around until an update was forced for another
271    reason.  Spotted thanks to Pedro Silva Pinto.
273  + Make "no date"/"not in loop" colour grey.  The white was a bit bright and
274    made it harder to see the legs that had colours.  The grey now used is
275    within the brightness range of the other colours.  Fixes #94, reported by
276    Erin Lynch.
278  + Fix KML export - exporting both survey legs and station names resulted in a
279    malformed KML file.  This bug was introduced in 1.2.30 when support for
280    exporting passages and walls was added.  Reported by Erin Lynch in #90.
282  + Consistently use 2 decimal places for altitude in KML output.  Some places
283    used 8 decimal places which is appropriate for lat and long, but clearly
284    overkill for an altitude in metres and increases the file size
285    unnecessarily.
287  + Right-align bearing widget in print/export dialog.  The change to allow the
288    value to wrap round from 360 to 0 in 1.2.27 inadvertently made this control
289    left-aligned (due to incorrect wxWidgets documentation of the default style
290    for this control).
292  + (Unix version): Work around wxWidgets bug so that custom cursors work
293    under GTK3.
295  + (Unix version): Update GTK version reporting - report GTK3, and don't
296    bother to report subversions of GTK2 (it seems to be fairly arbitrary
297    which subversions wxWidgets defines constants for).
299  + Update code to work without warnings when using wxWidgets 3.1.0 (the
300    current development version).
302  + Make movie export code compatible with upcoming FFmpeg 3.5 release.
303    It should still work with the older versions that worked before this
304    change.  Reported by James Cowgill in
306* cavern:
308  + Warn about 2 digit years.  We can't change the assumption that these are
309    19xx without risking breaking existing datasets, but the further we get
310    into this century, the more likely such an assumption is to catch someone
311    out.  The warning can easily be quashed by explicitly adding the assumed
312    "19".
314* The Spanish translation is now up to date once more, thanks to updates from
315  Evaristo Quiroga.
317* Merge French translation updates from Jean-Marc.
319* Fix transposed German Northing and Easting labels.  Fixes #95, reported by
320  milosch.
322* Fill in missing translations of "Easting", "Northing", "E" and "N" for
323  Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Russian based on other existing
324  translated messages.
326* Align .pos file headings better with columns of coordinates below for
327  Indonesian and Polish.
329* Fix handling of the message string "error" before messages loaded.  If
330  there's an error loading messages, we need this message to report it.
331  Reported by Martin Sluka.
333* Fix a few compiler warnings.
335* img library: Fix extracting leaf survey name for survey title.  When there
336  are three or more levels of survey, we were taking everything after the first
337  dot rather than everything after the last dot.
339* Fix problems with testsuite on macOS:
341  + cavern.tst: Skip "ONELEG" testcase on case-insensitive filing systems
342    - this test isn't meaningful unless the filing system is case-sensitive,
343    but happens to fail if it isn't.
345  + cavern.tst: Workaround limitations of Apple's sed.
347  + aven.tst: Fix not to hang on macOS.
349  + smoke.tst: Remove aven testcases which duplicate those in aven.tst.
351* Clean up handling of support files in relocatable installs - this is now
352  detected at run time on macOS.
354* Split out macOS creation into a make rule so it can be easily used
355  by the homebrew formula.
359  + Fix when WX_CONFIG not specified - this was giving a confusing error like:
360    ./ line 163: --cc: command not found
362  + Use wxWidgets 3.0.4.
364* Stop checking wx-config --ldflags as this option was removed in wxWidgets 2.6
365  and we currently require 2.8 or newer.
367Changes in 1.2.32 (2017-07-08):
369* aven:
371  + Make splays on printouts a darker shade of grey.  Reported by Erin Lynch
372    and Anthony Day.
374  + In export formats which include 3 dimensions (DXF, PLT, GPX, KML, JSON,
375    POS), the value in the Z dimension was negated.  Bug introduced by fixes
376    for export of rotated plans and tilted elevations in 1.2.27.  Reported by
377    Erin Lynch in #89.
379  + Ignore viewing angles for export formats which work in 3D.  When the
380    rotation and tilt controls are hidden in the export dialog we were still
381    using their values to transform the data, so if you set them with for one
382    export format which support them, then switched to an export format which
383    doesn't, you'd get bogus coordinates in the exported file.  Bug probably
384    introduced in 1.2.27 by fixes for exports of rotated plans and tilted
385    elevations.
387  + Fix exporting to skencil and Survex .pos formats.  When aven's export to
388    .pos was added in 1.2.19, the ordering didn't match up and since then .pos
389    export has produced skencil files and vice versa.
391  + Don't leave terrain on if loading terrain data fails.  Previously if you
392    clicked the terrain icon (or via the menu) with no terrain loaded, but no
393    terrain got loaded (e.g. because the survey data lacks an explicit
394    coordinate system, or because the file failed to load, or because you
395    cancelled the dialog) then the terrain icon/menu item was still changed to
396    "on".
398  + Disable texturing while drawing terrain.  Previously the terrain got a bit
399    darker when "Textured Walls" were enabled.
401  + Force a refresh when "Textured Walls" are enabled or disabled.  Previously
402    the display wouldn't update right away.
404* Manual:
406  + Document how to specify fixed point altitude in feet.
408  + Explain why *fix warns about unused fixed points
410* Building from source now requires a compiler with decent support for C++11.
411  If you're using GCC, then GCC 4.7 should suffice.  This should not be an
412  onerous requirement - e.g. Debian wheezy and Ubuntu trusty both have a recent
413  enough GCC.  If special options are needed, these should get probed for and
414  automatically.  Fixes building 1.2.31 with GCC < 6, reported by Wookey.
416Changes in 1.2.31 (2017-07-01):
418* aven:
420  + Use superscript 'g' symbol instead of word 'grads' in status bar.  This
421    conserves the limited space available, and we already do this in the
422    compass and clino indicators so it's more consistent too.
424  + Show one decimal place on measure line bearing.  Pointed out by Benedikt
425    Hallinger on the therion list, though I'm sure this has been asked for
426    before by others.
428  + Show gradient of the measuring line when both ends are stations.
430  + Allow selection of text in cavern log window.  Selection was disabled in
431    1.2.28 because it seemed you couldn't actually copy selected text to the
432    clipboard, but retesting this now actually works fine for me, both with
433    current git master with the change reverted, and with code just before the
434    original change.
436  + More robust parsing of cavern output (cleanly handle context highlighting
437    which extends beyond the end of the line).
439  + Allow showing duplicate legs as dashed lines or hiding them entirely,
440    with dashed now being the default.  Implemented by Patrick Warren.
442  + Also allow "Dashed" for splays and "Faded" for duplicate legs.
444  + Splay legs in surface data are also shown faded.
446  + Check environment variables VISUAL and EDITOR when looking for editor to
447    use when a warning or error is clicked on in the cavern log window.  The
448    specified editor may have a GUI or need to run in a terminal, so we have to
449    special-case each editor supported, and that means we can pass extra
450    options needed to position the cursor on the appropriate line/column.
451    Currently these editors are supported: gvim, nvim, vim, gedit, pluma,
452    emacs, nano, jed, kate.  Suggested by Wookey.
454  + Fix handling of non-square terrain data files - the X and Y dimensions were
455    swapped.  Reported by detrito.
457  + Improve parsing of DEM data with .hdr file.  Use documented defaults for
458    more values, and where we only support a subset of values (or a particular
459    value) check for unsupported values in more cases.
461  + When colouring by depth, fix colouring and texturing of polygons which
462    cross depth bands.  The previous problems were most obvious with high
463    chambers and long legs down deep pitches, especially in for surveys without
464    much vertical range.
466  + Support for drawing blobs using point sprites was added in 1.2.28,
467    but caching that this worked wasn't hooked up properly so the test to
468    see if this worked would happen at the start of each run.  This is now
469    cached as intended which should reduce start up time a little when blobs
470    are drawn in this way.
472  + Fix drawing of crosses with lines.  This is a fall-back case which is
473    rarely used as most OpenGL setups will handle a better method, but it was
474    resulting in crosses with a four-pixel square in the centre - now the
475    centre should be a single pixel.
477* cavern:
479  + Allow *data with no arguments to reset the current style - useful for
480    entering passage data where there are side passages.
482  + Fix hang processing file without newline at end.  This bug was introduced
483    by changes in 1.2.28.  Reported by Mark Brown.
485  + (Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows versions): Build with newer version of
486    PROJ library which fixes buggy handling of *fix with lat-long coordinates.
487    Also add a testcase to the testsuite to alert users building for themselves
488    with an affected PROJ version on any platform.  Reported by Ross Davidson.
490  + Fix cavern to handle Compass .DAT with no survey team.  Previously this
491    resulted in the bogus error: Expecting numeric field, found "FROM"
492    Reported by Erin Lynch.
494  + Handle UTF-8 "BOM" at start of .svx files.  Unicode doesn't recommend its
495    use, but Microsoft stuff seems to like to create files with it in, and the
496    error cavern currently reports for such files is very confusing, so it
497    seems best to just handle it.  Reported by Rob Eavis.
499  + Change a couple of messages to use double quotes for consistency with all
500    other messages.
502* extend:
504  + Now runs a bit faster.
506  + Splays are now carried over the extended survey.  The current handling
507    is simplistic, but should do a good enough job to be more useful than
508    discarding splays.  The splays at each station are all rotated together
509    based on the bearing between the stations either side of the current one
510    along the first path extended through that station.  This nicely handles
511    dead ends and the situation at the top or bottom of a pitch, and should
512    tend to pick an angle close to the passage orientation along a traverse.
513    It's weakest at junctions.  Feedback (especially examples which could
514    be handled better) most welcome.
516* French translation is now up to date again, thanks to Jean-Marc.
518* Remove erroneous menu shortcut markers from Polish translations.
520* Fill in some missing translations in several languages by using message
521  translations from therion.
523* Add note to *fix documentation to clarify the coordinate order with *cs
524  long-lat.  Issue raised by Ross Davidson.
526* Fix errors in documentation of *units: "DEG" should be "DEGS", and
527  "MINUTES" has been supported for ages but wasn't documented.  Reported by
528  Footleg.
530* Fix a few typos in the documentation.
532* Fix compilation warning with recent GCC.
534Changes in 1.2.30 (2016-10-03):
536* aven:
538  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix crash when trying to print or export
539    (probably introduced in 1.2.28).  Reported by Brian Clipstone.
541  + Report error if terrain file contains no terrain data in area of survey.
542    Suggested by detrito.
544  + Errors when writing an export file were reported with the wrong filename
545    - the .3d file, not the filename we were trying to write to.
547  + Export to KML now supports exporting passages, walls and cross-sections.
548    Addresses the remainder of ticket #4.
550* Add man page for dump3d.
552Changes in 1.2.29 (2016-09-27):
554* aven:
556  + Fix SVG output with non-ASCII characters (the charset in the SVG file
557    is now set to UTF-8 not ISO-8859-1).
559  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix error dialog on startup in pre-built
560    version.  Reported by Brian Clipstone.
562* Manual: Add link to TerrainData wiki page.  Omission highlighted by Erin
563  Lynch and "detrito".
565* Fix to build without FFmpeg/libav and with older versions, broken by changes
566  in 1.2.28.  Reported by James Begley.
568Changes in 1.2.28 (2016-09-24):
570* cavern:
572  + Show the contents of the line after error and warning messages while
573    processing survey data, and indicate the region of the line in many cases
574    in the same style that compilers such as GCC and clang use (using the
575    column number we already have, plus new width information).  Based on a
576    patch from Mateusz Golicz.
578  + Add column and width information for many more error and warning messages.
580  + Fix column for "Separator in survey name" warning.
582  + Improve warnings when using a backclino with range 0-180 degrees (reusing
583    the same machinery we already have for a forward clino with range 0-180
584    degrees).
586* aven:
588  + Include LRUD in printout/export of extended elevations, broken by
589    improvements to export of tilted elevations in 1.2.27.  Reported by Anthony
590    Day.
592  + Name <trk> tags in GPX output, so Garmin GPS units name the imported track
593    usefully.  Reported by Anthony Day.
595  + Remember scale from previous print or export operation in the same run of
596    aven.  Suggested by Stuart Bennett.
598  + Convert range indication below shown line to a highlight on that region
599    of the line in cavern log window.
601  + Fix colouring of error/warning without column in cavern log window.
603  + Fix click on error/warning without column in cavern log window.
605  + Fix highlight of translations of "error" or "warning" containing non-ASCII
606    characters.  This fix for this only works with a Unicode build of
607    wxWidgets, but as of wxWidgets 3.0, all builds are Unicode, so this
608    shouldn't be much of a problem as wxWidgets 2.x is close to obsolete now.
609    Reported by Mateusz Golicz.
611  + Disable selection of text in cavern log window - you can't currently copy
612    it to the clipboard, so until that's implemented it seems better to disable
613    the ability to select it.  Reported by Wookey.
615  + Avoid special "1000" scale entry when exporting.
617  + Show 1 page when "One Page" selected.
619  + Reload processed data when restricting view.  Fixes failure when
620    restricting view on data just processed via aven.  Spotted by Andrew
621    Atkinson and myself.
623  + Don't hide blobs and crosses behind terrain.  Reported by Jenny Black.
625  + Fix rendering of crosses using point sprites.  The texture being used was
626    misaligned relative to the image used for the visual fidelity check, so the
627    check always failed and point sprites would never be used.  Where point
628    sprites are supported, they're probably the fastest option - on my netbook
629    this change improves FPS by ~6 fold when displaying crosses for a large
630    survey.
632  + Support drawing blobs using point sprites.  About 5 times faster than using
633    lines on my netbook.
635  + Recheck how best to draw crosses and blobs on the first run after Survex
636    is upgraded (or downgraded) as the rendering code may have changed (we
637    already recheck when the OpenGL hardware or driver changes).
639  + Change "MPEG" export to be MPEG4 (.mp4) rather than MPEG1 (.mpg).
640    MPEG4 produces smaller output of higher quality, and should be widely
641    supported these days.  And I can't get the MPEG1 output to work without
642    buffer underflows, resulting in a file which doesn't play without
643    glitches.
645  + Add OGG video to the list of formats - it's more compact than the others
646    we currently list, though slower to write.
648  + Fix export to movie formats for which libav/FFmpeg needs to seek the file
649    being written.  This was broken by changes in 1.2.27.
651  + Overhaul movie export for the current FFmpeg API, fixing deprecation
652    warnings when building against a recent version.
654  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix corrupted exported movie files.  1.2.27
655    changed the movie export code to allow writing to files with non-ASCII
656    characters in the names, but the new code failed to open the file in binary
657    mode, leading to corrupt output.  Fixes #81, reported by Erin Lynch.
659  * (Microsoft Windows version): Pre-built version now uses FFmpeg 3.1.3 for
660    movie export.
662  * (Mac OS X version): Pre-built version now uses FFmpeg 3.1.3 for movie
663    export.
665* Fix to build without FFmpeg/libav, broken by changes in 1.2.27.  Reported by
666  James Begley.
668* The Polish translation is now very close to being complete, thanks to a
669  substantial update from Mateusz Golicz.
671* Merge catalan translation updates from Adolfo Jayme.
673* (Microsoft Windows version): Map LANG_CHINESE to zh_CN not zh so Chinese
674  messages get used automatically.
676* cavern.tst: Remove random : from after ] - dash ignores the extra character,
677  but it causes this test to fail if /bin/sh is a different shell (e.g. bash).
679* cavern.tst: Add expected output for more testcases.
681* Remove unwanted execute bit from some testcase data.
683* Use https for more URLs which support it.
685Changes in 1.2.27 (2016-06-06):
687* aven:
689  + Right click on a survey in the survey tree now gives a pop-up menu
690    with "Hide others", which restricts the view to just that survey
691    and any subsurveys.  Right click on the root of the survey tree
692    gives a menu with "Show all" to undo any restriction in effect.
693    (Currently these are implemented by reloading the file and using
694    the same machinery as the --survey= command line option, but that will
695    probably change in the future).
697  + If there's a sub-survey restriction (from the --survey= command line
698    option or the new UI described above) it is now shown in brackets after
699    the survey tree root.
701  + When reloading a survey, preserve the current view position (previously
702    the view was recentred).
704  + When reloading a survey, actually preserve the current scale factor
705    (this was meant to happen, but the adjustment was applied in the
706    wrong direction).
708  + New "File->Extended Elevation..." menu item provides a way to generate
709    extended elevations for simple cases without having to use the command
710    line.  Suggested by Fleur Loveridge.
712  + Don't process key presses if accompanied by an unexpected modifier key.
713    In particular, this means that aven no longer interferes with Alt+<function
714    key> (which is typically handled by the desktop) and Alt+<letter> (which is
715    typically a menu short cut).  Reported by Владимир Георгиев.
717  + Reduce file loading time by ~5%.  The station name compare function was
718    something of a hot spot, and optimising it yielded a nice improvement.
720  + Allow splay legs to be disabled in when printing and exporting.  Mostly
721    addresses #60.
723  + SVG export now shows splay legs thinner and in grey.  See #60.
725  + Fix export of rotated plans and tilted elevations - previously plans were
726    always aligned with North up, and elevations which weren't exactly side on
727    were exported as plans.  Reported by Stuart Bennett.
729  + Fix offset bounding box for exported elevations.
731  + In print/export dialog the bearing value now wraps if you scroll up past
732    360 or down past 0.
734  + Fix greying out of LRUD-based controls in the print/export dialog when the
735    view is tilted (i.e. not plan or elevation).  This stopped working in
736    1.2.18 when the pan and tilt spin controls were changed from integer- to
737    real-valued ones.
739  + Printouts now show LRUD as pale grey arrows from the station they are
740    measured from.  Based on patch from Michael Sargent.  Closes #65.
742  + Take LRUD into account for printout size.  Fixes #72, reported by Erin
743    Lynch.
745  + Update movie export code to work with latest version of FFmpeg.
747  + Make "Show Log" a toggle, so you can click on the button to take a look at
748    the log, and a second click returns you to the survey view.
750  + (Microsoft Windows version): Open the font file in binary mode - it looks
751    like we were lucky and the font file (or at least its current version)
752    would have loaded OK in text mode despite being binary data.
754  + (Microsoft Windows version): Exporting to files with non-ASCII filenames
755    should now work.
757* cavern:
759  + Allow tape or backtape to be omitted.  Reported by Erin Lynch.
761  + Grid convergence is now corrected for when using automatically
762    calculated declinations (*declination auto <X> <Y> <Z>).  Requested
763    by Mateusz Golicz on the mailing list.
765  + Clear any cached calculated declination upon another *declination auto
766    with different coordinates.  Previously if the date stayed the same,
767    a previously cached declination for the old coordinates was used.
769  + Fix check for end of version number array in *required.   We would check up
770    to 12 version components, the last 9 being bogus.  In practice, *require is
771    only likely to be used with up to three components, so this wouldn't be an
772    issue.
774  + *begin with an invalid prefix could cause a crash in some cases.  Fixed
775    by patch from Colin Watson.
777  + Report column locations for errors to do with readings.
779* Merge translation updates from Jean-Marc.
781* img library: Better document which members can be set when writing.
782  Highlighted by email query about use of img API from Владимир Георгиев.
784* Document how *declination interacts with *calibrate declination if both are
785  used in the same dataset.
787* doc/3dformat.htm: Update details of how changes to the current label buffer
788  are encoded to reflect changes in v8.  Reported by Angus Sawyer.
790* Use docbook2man instead of docbook-to-man to generated Unix man pages
791  from SGML source.  The latter seems to be no longer actively maintained, and
792  docbook2man now does a similarly good job.
794* Use https for links, and for other sites which support it.
796Changes in 1.2.26 (2016-01-07):
798* aven:
800  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix to be able to process .svx files with
801    cavern again.
803* (Microsoft Windows version): Simplify upgrading process with innosetup
804  installer - if Survex is already installed, we now just install to the same
805  location and use the same start menu folder.
807* (Linux version): survex.spec: Update for filetype metadata change in 1.2.25.
808  Fixes #79, reported by James Begley.
810* (Linux version): survex.spec: Fix to work with RPM 4.13.  Fixes #79, reported
811  by James Begley.
813Changes in 1.2.25 (2016-01-05):
815* aven:
817  + Drop broken code which attempts to fix 2D pitches.  Fixes #73, reported by
818    Erin Lynch.  #76 tracks the issue the removed code was trying (but failing)
819    to address.
821  + When animating, don't try to update station info based on mouse movement
822    over the survey tree.
824  + Further improve code to handle cavern subprocess in aven.
826  + Fix jump to error for filenames containing colons when the error location
827    doesn't have a column number.  Bug noted by Jenny Black.
829  + If we encounter bad UTF-8 in cavern output, replace it with a red and white
830    ? in a diamond (previously we gave up showing output at the first bad
831    sequence).  This can happen if you process a .svx file which isn't UTF-8
832    encoded.
834  + (Unix version): Don't try to set the terminal window title when opening an
835    editor from the cavern log window - gnome-terminal no longer supports this,
836    and there doesn't seem to be a portable option for specifying the title for
837    terminals which do still support this.
839  + (Microsoft Windows version): Also quote for cmd.exe so that paths with
840    spaces in work reliably.  Reported by Marco Cotto.
842* cavern:
844  + Improve error for mismatched fore/back-sight plumbs, reported by Andy
845    Edwards (see #78).
847  + Fix to use correct sd for backcompass.  We were using zero instead, the
848    most obvious effect of which was that the threshold for warning about
849    differing COMPASS and BACKCOMPASS was about 71% of what it should have
850    been, so we were warning in more cases than we should have been.
852  + Implement support for specifying a length on backsights - if you're using
853    something like a disto-x, you'll get a distance reading for the backsight
854    too.  Fixes #71, reported by Erin Lynch.
856  + Make line counting more robust to mixed line ends.  Noticed in example file
857    from Pete Smart (see #69).
859* extend: New --show-breaks option which adds a leg flagged as surface survey
860  between each points at which a loop has been broken.  Suggested by Jenny
861  Black.
863* (Unix version): Update filetype metadata to work with modern desktops.
865* Fix incorrect reporting of errors reading and writing processed survey data.
866  Since 1.2.8, the error strings corresponding to IMG_CANTOPENOUT,
867  IMG_BADFORMAT and IMG_DIRECTORY have been mixed up (this doesn't affect
868  external programs using the img library, only Survex).  Reported by Jenny
869  Black.
871* Add missing options to extend man page and --help output.  Noted by Jenny
872  Black.
874* Document Document Ctrl+cursor keys for rotating and tilting in aven man page.
876* Fix broken SGML markup in manual.
878* Fix typo in manual reported by Jenny Black.
880* Update vim syntax file for newer commands, etc.
882* Minor translation updates.  Thanks to Piotr Strębski and Jean-Marc.
884* Fix to compile with FFmpeg 2.9.  Reported by Andreas Cadhalpun in
887* Stop maintaining ChangeLog files.  They make merging patches harder, and stop
888  'git cherry-pick' from working as it should.  The git repo history should be
889  sufficient for complying with GPLv2 2(a).
891* (Microsoft Windows version): The installer requires admin privileges on Vista
892  and later and OS versions older than Vista are past end of life, so drop code
893  which tries to set up the registry differently depending if we have admin
894  privileges or not.
896Changes in 1.2.24 (2015-09-23):
898* aven:
900  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix the cavern log window.  Reported by Brian
901    Clipstone.
903  + (Microsoft Windows version): Add workaround to avoid breakage in Therion.
904    Reported by Jenny Black.
906  + If wx was built with thread support, aven now runs cavern from a separate
907    thread, which works much better under wxMSW (where we can't use select),
908    and also seems a bit smoother on Linux.
910  + Fix handling of encoding of filenames when the operating system has no
911    locale installed corresponding to the language selected for Survex's
912    messages.
914  + Undo accidentally committed debugging code which was sending message to
915    the terminal in 1.2.23.
917* (Linux version): configure now looks first for wx-config-3.0, which Fedora's
918  wx3 packages have.  Reported by James Begley.
920* Indonesian translation fully up to date again.
922* Manual: Document anonymous stations, based on the text from NEWS.  Reported
923  by Wookey.
925Changes in 1.2.23 (2015-09-06):
927* aven:
929  + Updating the cavern log window is now much smoother, especially on slower
930    machines.
932  + Show "busy" mouse cursor while processing survey data.
934  + Fix an assertion if you try to start processing a survex file while one is
935    already being processed.
937  + Processing a .svx file with an error now still adds it to the file history.
938    Reported by Martin Green.
940  + Fix the orientation of the starting end of tubes.
942* cavern:
944  + New *ref command to allow specifying an external reference (e.g. where to
945    find the original survey notes).
947  + Drop support for showing percentage progress in cavern.  It's confusing in
948    a multiple-file dataset as it shows progress in the current file so jumps
949    around.  It also slows down processing, and on a slow machine you'd don't
950    want that, while on a fast machine processing isn't slow enough for the
951    progress display to be useful.
953* French translation is now completely up to date, thanks to Michel Bovey.
955* Bundle proj's EPSG and ESRI code lists in the installers for MS Windows and
956  OS X so that things like "*cs EPSG:29903" work.  Reported by Graham Mullan.
958* (Microsoft Windows version): Process survey data with aven rather than
959  running cavern.
961* (Microsoft Windows version): Installer built with InnoSetup 5.5.6 (recent
962  releases have been built with 5.5.3) to see if that solves Ray Duffy's
963  reported issue with not having file associations for .svx files created.
965Changes in 1.2.22 (2015-08-17):
967* aven:
969  + Ensure that the window has a depth buffer.  Whether it does by default
970    seems to vary depending on OS and maybe graphics card.  Fixes #55 (terrain
971    is no longer visible through itself), and also the rendering of passage
972    tubes.  Thanks to Martin Green for pointing me in the right direction for
973    finding this fix.
975* cavern:
977  + Fix *declination with an angle to actually work.
979  + Fix assertion if we try to identify a hanging survey by an anonymous
980    station.
982  + Improve errors for invalid survey names in *begin, *end, *equate and
983    *export.
985Changes in 1.2.21 (2015-07-28):
987* aven:
989  + Fix exporting to KML and other text-based formats to always use "." for the
990    decimal separator - previously "," would be used when the user's locale
991    specified this for the decimal separator.  Reported by Jan Schorn.
993  + Implement exporting of survey legs in KML format.
995  + Put "paddle" placemarker icons on stations in exported KML files, using the
996    same colour coding for entrances, fixed points and exported points as aven
997    does.
999  + Remove the "Coordinate projection" field from the print dialog, as it isn't
1000    relevant there.  Reported by Wookey.
1002  + Fix the initial scale for small caves (since 1.2.18 the initial scale has
1003    been too small).  Reported by Wookey.
1005  + Don't rescale if the same file is reloaded, but adjust the volume diameter
1006    as appropriate.
1008  + Use wxGetenv() to read the SURVEXEDITOR variable, so we can accept Unicode
1009    values on Windows.
1011* cavern:
1013  + Fix coordinate systems using latitude and longitude - PROJ.4 wants these in
1014    radians, but we were passing degrees, which would generally cause the
1015    conversion to the output coordinate system to fail.  Reported by Wookey.
1017  + Fix *fix with standard deviations when *cs is in use, give an error for use
1018    of *fix with standard deviations before *cs.
1020  + Add new *declination command with support for setting the declination
1021    automatically from the IGRF model based on the survey date.  Thanks to the
1022    Therion developers for the IGRF support code, which we're reusing.
1023    Fixes #54, reported by Wookey.
1025  + Allow the units for the zero error to be specified, making it easier to
1026    specify calibration with a scale if you measure the zero error externally
1027    (rather than using the instrument itself).  Fixes #61, reported by Andrew
1028    Atkinson.
1030  + Report the error from PROJ when coordinate conversion fails as part of the
1031    actual error rather than on a separate line.
1033  + Fix use after free after *solve.  This only occurs if a leg between the two
1034    exact same stations appears right before and right after the *solve, which
1035    is unlikely in real data, but the testsuite has an instance of this.  This
1036    was introduced by the repeat leg averaging added in 1.2.17.
1038  + Fix small memory leak when solving network.  This doesn't really matter
1039    when solving at the end of processing as cavern will exit after that, but
1040    if *solve is used we continue processing after solving.
1042* Remove compatibility handling for specifying a country variant of a language
1043  in SURVEXLANG using "-" with a lower case country code (e.g. "en-us") - we
1044  changed to the standard "en_US" way back in 2001.  This code was mangling
1045  character sets with a "-" in, and is no longer useful.
1047* Ignore any "@<something>" modifier in the language code.
1049* Improve documentation of magnetic declination handling, and cover the new
1050  "*DECLINATION" command.
1052* Document aven's command line options in the manual and its man page.
1053  Reported by Jenny Black.
1055* Point to '*case' and '*truncate' from the 'SEE ALSO' sections of each other's
1056  documentation.
1058* Remove references to SpeleoGen from the documentation - it hasn't been
1059  updated for many years, and can't read recent versions of the .3d format.
1061* Strip documentation references to obsolete versions of MS Windows.
1063* doc/HACKING.htm: Update list of debian packages to install to build from git.
1065Changes in 1.2.20 (2015-06-26):
1067* aven:
1069  + When printing, use the top margin rather than the right margin to calculate
1070    the height of the printable area.  In practice, the two values seem to be
1071    the same or very similar by default.
1073  + Avoid assertion if the about dialog image fails to load.  Reported by Phil
1074    Maynard.
1076  + Optimise the size of the about dialog images.
1078  + Add support for reading terrain data which isn't in a .zip file.
1080  + Force a refresh after loading terrain data so that it gets displayed right
1081    away.
1083  + Make checks for terrain data extensions in zip files case insensitive.
1085  + If reading terrain data fails, always report an error and never try to
1086    display it.
1088* cavern: Allow clino readings in diving style data, suggested by Andrew
1089  Atkinson.  Currently these readings are ignored, but a future version will
1090  check that they're consistent with the angle given by the depth gauge and
1091  tape, and perform suitable averaging.
1093* Remove lingering traces of svxedit.
1095* configure: Fix to allow compiling without libav/ffmpeg, as was possible
1096  before 1.2.19.
1098* (Unix version): Install the filetype and aven application icons under
1099  /usr/share/icons/hicolor, which is where they're expected to be these days.
1101* (Unix version): Add %f to Exec in survex-aven.desktop.
1103* (Mac OS X version): Remove useless extra copy of about box images from OS X
1104  disk image.
1106* (Mac OS X version): Only ship one copy of each of the translations.
1108* (Mac OS X version): Reduce the size of the aven binary by disabling a load of
1109  libav features we don't use.
1111* (Microsoft Windows version): Reduce the size of the aven binary by disabling
1112  a load of libav features we don't use.
1114* (Microsoft Windows version): Update message files to fix a missing Chinese
1115  message in the installer.
1117Changes in 1.2.19 (2015-06-18):
1119* aven:
1121  + Fix exporting to GPX, KML and HPGL, which all failed to write the header to
1122    the exported file in 1.2.18.
1124  + Add exporting to Survex .pos format.
1126  + If the measuring line isn't currently active, pressing "Escape" will now
1127    exit full screen mode.
1129  + (Mac OS X version): Change the shortcut for full screen mode to be the
1130    standard Ctrl+Command+F (rather than Shift+Command+F which we have been
1131    using since 1.2.7).
1133  + (Mac OS X version): When we centre the view on the station this can
1134    generate a mouse move event, so clear the variable which says we are
1135    dragging before we process a left click on a station.  This avoids random
1136    rotations of the survey when clicking on a station, reported in #47 by Hugh
1137    St. Lawrence.
1139  + (Mac OS X version): Force use of a non-native toolbar to stop the toolbar
1140    icons from being rescaled and looking fuzzy.
1142  + (Mac OS X version): Remove code added in 1.2.18 which tries to set stop the
1143    toolbar icons from being rescaled, but which requires an unreleased version
1144    of wxWidgets, had a typo in, and doesn't actually seem to work anyway.
1146  + (Mac OS X version): Drop out of full screen mode if the mouse is mode to
1147    the top of the screen, since we can't seem to display the menu bar in this
1148    case like we do on other platforms.
1150  + (Mac OS X version): Enable aven's movie export feature.
1152  + (Mac OS X version): Enable wxDisplay when building wxWidgets to better
1153    support multi-monitor setups.
1155  + (Mac OS X version): Silence warning visible when aven is run from a
1156    terminal about a missing CFBundleTypeRole.
1158  + When reading terrain data from a .zip file, report an error if the .zip
1159    file is bad, or if it doesn't contain any terrain data we recognise.
1161  + Tweak error message in terrain reading code to distinguish two failure
1162    cases.
1164  + Add viewing angles and scale to footer, and shorten some of the other items
1165    to make room for this extra information.  (Fixes ticket #52, reported by
1166    Erin Lynch)
1168  + If the footer is wider than the printout width, scale down the font used
1169    so that it exactly fits; if the footer is narrower, than space out the
1170    items in in so it uses the full width.
1172  + If the saved size for aven's window exceeds the current display size
1173    (mostly likely because we're now plugged into a smaller monitor), then
1174    reduce the size of the window to fit the display.  If the saved size is <
1175    (480x320), increase it to at least that, as aven isn't usable in a smaller
1176    window.
1178  + Remove crude bodge which tries to pick a nicer initial window size when
1179    using wxWidgets without wxDisplay on a multi-monitor setup - aven now opens
1180    with the same size window it had when it was closed, so the initial size is
1181    only relevant on the first ever run.
1183* Assorted translation updates.  Notably Indonesian is at 100% again.
1185* Stop trying to catch and report signals.  The only real reason to do it is so
1186  we can say "Bug in program detected! Please report this to the authors"
1187  before we exit, but when the program crashes that's pretty obvious.  In aven
1188  we try to pop up a message box for this message, which may fail due to
1189  whatever caused the signal, while with the command line tools there's no
1190  great benefit over just letting the shell report the signal.
1192* Use pkg-config to probe for libav and proj, which sorts out the correct flags
1193  for building on OS X against a static install of libav.
1195Changes in 1.2.18 (2015-06-03):
1197* aven:
1199  + Add support for reading terrain data (from a zip file containing either an
1200    SRTM .hgt file, or an ESRI .bil file and associated metadata files), and
1201    rendering it as a transparent surface.
1203  + Remove actions from 'Orientation' and 'Rotation' menus which you wouldn't
1204    sanely want to perform from the menu.
1206  + Create a "Colour by" submenu of the "View" menu to house the various
1207    colouring options.
1209  + Add "Colour by Gradient" and "Colour by Length".
1211  + Make the button to dismiss the "About" dialog "OK" rather than "Close",
1212    which seems more logical, and also allows the dialog to be closed by
1213    pressing "Escape".
1215  + Destroy any existing clipping region before we write the page footer.
1216    Hopefully solves ticket #52, reported by Erin Lynch.
1218  + Don't round bearing and tilt angles to integers when printing and
1219    exporting.
1221  + Add passage export for EPS format.  (Partly addresses ticket #4)
1223  + Add JSON export.  This should be regarded as experimental, and the format
1224    is quite likely to change.
1226  + Pressing F6 now toggles the display of rendering stats, currently FPS
1227    (Frames Per Second) and the number of triangles in the terrain mesh.
1229  + Add a menu item and toolbar button to show the cavern log window if the
1230    currently shown survey data was processed by aven.  Reported by Hugh St
1231    Lawrence in #47, and by Dave Clucas and others previously on the list.
1233  + Add "Save Log" button to Aven's cavern log window.
1235  + In cavern log window, highlight "error" markers in red and "warning"
1236    markers in orange.
1238  + Rework code to read cavern's output.  In particular, we no longer mix
1239    buffered and non-buffered system calls.
1241  + Aven's support for reading colours and font sizes for printouts from
1242    print.ini has never worked - the contents of the ini files are ignored due
1243    to a bug which has been there since the code was added in 2005 - but nobody
1244    has ever complained.  So just strip out that code entirely - we should
1245    support setting the colours and font sizes, but a GUI interface for setting
1246    them would be better.
1248  + Fix to compile with a Unicode build of wxWidgets 2.8.  Reported by Bill
1249    Gee.
1251  + Take the width of the messages used above the compass and clino into
1252    account when calculating how much space to allow for them - now the labels
1253    won't overlap or be cut off in translations where they are long.
1255  + (Mac OS X version): Attempt to address the size of the toolbar icons.
1257* cavern:
1259  + Reject *fix with SDs which aren't all positive.  (fixes#2, reported by
1260    susscorfa).
1262  + Use the currently set units when outputting measurements in warnings,
1263    errors, and the stats at the end of the run.  Requested by Bill Gee.
1265  + Include column number when a *include file isn't found.
1267  + Show 'error' in front of error messages, like we show 'warning' in front of
1268    warnings.  Fixes #48, reported by Wookey.
1270  + Increase the threshold for warning that fore and back measurements differ
1271    from 2 SDs to 3 SDs.
1273* findentrances: If the 3d file specifies the coordinate system, use it.
1275* svxedit: Remove svxedit - while an editor with built-in knowledge of survex
1276  would be nice to have, svxedit doesn't really offer that, and it looks ugly
1277  in a modern desktop.
1279* If we run out of memory while reading a processed survey data file, include
1280  the filename in the error message.
1282* Many translation updates - notably Indonesian and Russian are now the two
1283  most complete translations.
1285* (Microsoft Windows version): Add code page 1252 mappings for fancy quotes.
1287* Transliterate gradient and infinity symbols if the current character set
1288  lacks them.
1290* Add SVG version of .plt icon.
1292* Manual:
1294  + Add complete list of quantities you can set SDs for.  Thanks for Wookey for
1295    highlighting that the previous list was incomplete.
1297  + Document averaging of a group of repeated readings.
1299  + Add a link to the sample data from the manual.
1301  + Remove references to contact addresses which are no longer there.  Remove
1302    offer to post people floppies, and references to a CD image which isn't
1303    available for download.
1305* Remove non-breaking spaces from the diffpos and extend manual pages, as they
1306  actually make the output formatting worse (presumably these used to work
1307  around a since-fixed bug in one of the docbook processing tools).
1309* doc/TODO.htm: Update.
1311* Fix to compile without warnings with 'g++ --std=gnu++11'.
1313Changes in 1.2.17 (2015-02-24):
1315* MacOS X version:
1317  + Update INSTALL file with current status.
1319  + now has a custom icon.
1321  + Add icons for all the filetypes supported.
1323  + Add Finder actions for .svx, .3d, .plt and .pos files.
1325  + aven: Hide the status bar and tool bar in Full Screen mode, as wx doesn't
1326    currently do this for us.
1328  + aven: Fix short-cut for toggling Full Screen mode.
1330  + aven: Make "About" menu item appear.
1332  + aven: Fix "Close" button in about dialog.
1334  + aven: Make custom cursors black with a white outline to match the standard
1335    OS X cursor.
1337  + svxedit: Now wrapped up in an application bundle as  It
1338    still doesn't really work like a standard app though - e.g. you can't load
1339    files from Finder (instead run and use File->Open), the font
1340    size of most menu items is wrong, the icon for the app is the wish icon
1341    rather than the svxedit icon, shortcuts use Ctrl not the Cmd key, and
1342    probably more.  I'd probably recommend using another editor (OS X comes
1343    with for example).
1345  + The documentation is now in a "Docs" directory alongside the apps, rather
1346    than in the rather less obvious "share/doc/survex" directory.
1348  + Default to building for x86_64, since all modern Macs are 64 bit.
1350  + Disable use of liblzma when building wxWidgets for OS X, which was
1351    preventing the build from working on OS X 10.6.8.
1353  + Download wx sources from SF via redirecting link.  Thanks to David A.
1354    Riggs.
1356  + Handle the mount point for the disk image containing a
1357    space.
1359  + Link with a static build of PROJ for doing coordinate system conversions.
1361  + Build wx with --disable-webview to avoid a compilation failure on OS X
1362    10.10.1.
1364  + Use wx-config --cc and --cxx to get the compilers to use for building
1365    everything else, as wx adds options to them which otherwise cause linking
1366    errors.
1368  + The diskimage (.dmg) file is now compressed with bzip2, which gives a
1369    smaller download.  This means OS X 10.4 is required, but we probably
1370    already need at least 10.5 because that's the minimum version which the
1371    wxWidgets build supports by default.
1373  + Remove unused files and copies of files from the diskimage.
1375* cavern: If the same leg is repeated consecutively, average the readings and
1376  treat as a single leg.
1378* dump3d: Report SEPARATOR used by the file being read.
1380* aven.svg: Fix visual glitch in SVG icon for aven.  Noted by David A. Riggs.
1382* aven:
1384  + Greatly reduce flicker when mouse is moved to the top of the screen in full
1385    screen mode and the menu bar reappears.
1387  + For export formats where scaling is supporting, aven now actually uses the
1388    scale specified in the export dialog (previously it ignored this and used
1389    1:500).
1391  + Reimplement animation so that it's based on angular change per unit of
1392    elapsed time, rather than averaging the time take for the last two scene
1393    redraws.  This gives smoother animation in the face of variable load and
1394    scene redraw time, and should be more consistent between platforms.
1396  + Switching to a point of the compass during auto-rotation now jumps straight
1397    there rather than the two animations fighting.
1399  + Reduce the maximum auto-rotation speed, as the previous limit was uselessly
1400    fast.
1402  + Disable stepping the rotation angle when animating (previously we only did
1403    when rotating).
1405  + Speed up start-up a bit - rather than loading icons from individual PNG
1406    files on disk, compile them into the aven binary.
1408* (Unix version): Add "MimeType" field to desktop files so that file
1409  associations work out of the box with modern desktop environments.
1411* Add start of Hungarian translation from Imre Balogh.
1413* Merge in many updates to the Russian translation from "vsuhachev".
1415* Assorted minor updates to other translations.
1417* Create scalable (SVG) versions of file type icons.
1419* doc/manual.sgml: Remove $Id and $Date markers, as they don't get expanded now
1420  we're using git.
1422* tests/: Improve test coverage in a few places:
1424  + Extend tests of fore and back sights to test calibration of the back
1425    compass.
1427  + Test "Can't calibrate angular and length quantities together" error.
1429  + Check that "*set names ." works when "." is also the decimal point.
1431Changes in 1.2.16 (2014-10-17):
1433* aven: Add KML export (stations only currently).
1435* aven: Allow measuring line to measure from anonymous stations.  (Fixes #44)
1437* aven: Fix corrupted names in exported files.
1439* aven: Fix error log window under wxWidgets >= 2.9 to include the system
1440  information before the first log message like it does under wxWidgets 2.8.
1442* cavern: Add support for "*cs JTSK" and "*cs JTSK03".
1444* tests/: Improve test coverage.
1446* Translation updates for many languages, plus the start of translations to
1447  Greek and Polish.
1449* Fix to build against wxWidgets 3.0 built with assertions disabled.  Reported
1450  by Martin Sluka.
1452* Fix warnings when compiling with clang (which is the default compiler on
1453  Mac OS X).  Reported by Martin Sluka.
1455Changes in 1.2.15 (2014-08-14):
1457* cavern: The *cs command now also supports "long-lat", "s-merc" (for "Web
1458  Mercator"), EPSG and ESRI codes, "eur79z30", "ijtsk" and "ijtsk03".  This
1459  means that we now support all the coordinates systems which Therion does,
1460  except for a few which don't have X=East and Y=North.  The documentation
1461  for *cs has also been improved.
1463* aven: We no longer persist full screen mode between runs - it's not a
1464  standard behaviour of desktop programs, and it's too easy to go into full
1465  screen mode from the menu and then not be able to get out again because you
1466  don't know the required key shortcut. (ticket#39)
1468* aven: When in full screen mode, moving the mouse to the top of the screen now
1469  makes the menu bar appear.  This provides a non-shortcut way out of full
1470  screen mode, as well as making it easier to perform other operations while in
1471  full screen mode.  The current implementation gives an annoyingly flickery
1472  transition, but hopefully we can improve this in future. (ticket#39)
1474* (MacOS X version): If built with wxWidgets >= 3.1.0 (which is still in
1475  development), we now call EnableFullScreenView() which improves the full
1476  screen mode experience on OS X 10.7 and later.
1478* img library: Improve documentation for img_ERROR_INFO.
1480* tests/: Ship some missing .out files and compare.tst.
1482* tests/: cavern.tst testcase back2 is now actually used.  Fix a bug in this
1483  testcase, and extend it to cover a variant of the situation reported as a bug
1484  in therion by Bill Gee to the therion list.
1486* (Linux version) survex.spec: Add run-time requirement on proj and proj-epsg
1487  for the survex package and on tk for the svxedit package.
1489Changes in 1.2.14 (2014-07-05):
1491* img library: Add ability to store a PROJ4 string describing the coordinate
1492  system in use in 3d v8 files.
1494* aven: If the 3d file specifies a coordinate system, then use it for exporting
1495  to formats which need to know (currently GPX).  If the input file doesn't
1496  specify the coordinate system, allow the user to enter a PROJ4 string in the
1497  export dialog.
1499* aven: You can now quickly zoom to a particular area by holding down the
1500  "Shift" key and dragging with the left mouse button to create a rectangular
1501  "rubber band box" around the area you wish to zoom to.  If you release the
1502  "Shift" key while still dragging, the box is centred on the start point
1503  rather than having one corner there.
1505* aven: Fix exporting of passage tubes in elevations and extended elevations
1506  - previously up and down were getting drawn across the page!
1508* aven: Fix "Cancel" to work on the print/export dialog, broken by changes in
1509  1.2.13.  (Reported by Brian Clipstone)
1511* aven: Fix the conditions on which the menu item "Cancel measuring line" is
1512  enabled - previously it was hard to actually cancel it via the menu.
1513  Reported by Hugh St Lawrence.
1515* aven: Fix wx assertion failures when showing hit test debug view on platforms
1516  such as 64-bit Linux.
1518* aven: When viewing from above, show "Plan" above the "clino" which indicates
1519  the tilt angle (instead of "Elevation -90°").
1521* aven: The extended font data now loads faster, and also uses less memory on
1522  64-bit platforms.
1524* aven: Dragging the vertical divider between the side panel and the 3D view
1525  now only updates when you finish the drag, as redrawing continuously just
1526  looks clunky except on an ultra-fast machine.
1528* aven: (German translation) Abbreviate "Blickrichtung" so it doesn't overfill
1529  the space available in the aven UI.
1531* cavern: Add a *cs command to allow setting the coordinate system for *fix
1532  commands, and the coordinate system used for processed survey data.  The
1533  latter is now stored in 3d v8 format files.
1535* cavern: Add support for 'L' flag (exclude from length) in Compass .dat files
1536  and handle it in the same way as the "DUPLICATE" flag in .svx files.
1538* cavern: If there's more than one *fix command with coordinates, still
1539  actually fix the second and subsequent ones, to avoid triggering bogus errors
1540  about unconnected surveys.
1542* cavern: If there's more than one *fix command with coordinates, report the
1543  station name of the previous one, plus the file and line number where it was.
1545* cavern: Fix handling of the rather contrived case of *fix with no coordinates
1546  followed by *solve and then another *fix with no coordinates not to access
1547  freed memory.
1549* dump3d: Report any specified coordinate system.
1551* doc/3dformat.htm: Update to document how the coordinate system is stored.
1553* (Microsoft Windows version): Include dump3d in the installer.
1555* Fix a compiler warning.
1557* Improve test coverage.
1559Changes in 1.2.13 (2014-05-15):
1561* aven: Fix --print option to wait for printing to happen before exiting
1562  (previously it would exit right after opening the print dialog, so you
1563  couldn't actually print anything out using it).
1565* aven: Increase the threshold for how close the pointer needs to be to a
1566  station from 5 pixels to 7 to try to help touchscreen users.  Reported by
1567  Hugh St Lawrence.
1569* aven: Add "fat finger" mode, toggled by pressing F2, to allow investigating
1570  if increasing the minimum pointer to station threshold helps Hugh's problems
1571  with using aven on a touch screen device.
1573* aven: The measuring line was unable to see stations which had just been
1574  revealed by toggling surface or underground legs on - this is now fixed.
1576* aven: Add "hit test grid debug" mode, which shows the hit test grid and how
1577  many entries are in each box (toggled by F3).
1579* aven: Pressing F4 now allows the user to toggle wxWidgets assertion messages
1580  off and back on.
1582* aven: Create the empty hit-test grid data structure lazily, to reduce start
1583  up time a little.
1585* cavern: Improve messages which talk about "tags" and/or "prefixes" in *begin
1586  and *end commands to instead talk about "survey names".
1588* cavern: For ages cavern has warned if you reentered a survey, but this
1589  warning was suppressed if it occurred at the same line of the same file as
1590  the survey was first entered, but this can only happen if you include the
1591  same survey file more than once, which isn't a sensible thing to do for a
1592  file with actual survey data in (you might reasonably do it to set up survey
1593  grade details or something like that).  The warning is now given in this
1594  situation too.
1596* cavern: After 5 warnings about reentering a survey we give up warning about
1597  it, but we used to keep reporting where the survey was originally entered -
1598  this secondary diagnostic message is now silenced when the main message is.
1600* (Microsoft Windows version): Compile C code with optimisation on.
1602* Add the start of a Russian translation, with messages take from therion.
1604* Minor translation updates to French.
1606* Fix compiler warning from GCC.
1608* Testsuite improvements:
1610  + Test that "..." anon station works.
1612  + cavern.tst: Check number of errors returned by all testcases which should
1613    fail and give an error count.
1615  + cavern.tst: Fix to actually fully test everything when builddir != srcdir.
1617Changes in 1.2.12 (2014-04-14):
1619* aven: Fix measuring line to show change in altitude rather than altitude
1620  itself (accidentally broken by changes in 1.2.11).  Reported by Brian
1621  Clipstone.
1623* aven: Fix printing when built with wxWidgets 3.0.
1625* aven: Several visual improvements to printouts:
1627  + Move the numbers below the scale bar down a little so that they don't
1628    overlap the scale bar ticks.
1630  + Set the clipping region after we draw the page border and info box to avoid
1631    clipping the border in print preview.
1633  + Tidy up the appearance of the compass and elevation arrow.
1635* aven: Fix to build with libav 10.  Reported by Moritz Muehlenhoff in
1636  <>.
1638* aven: Fix to build with older libav where avcodec_free_frame() isn't
1639  available.
1641* (Linux version) survex.spec: Update spec file used for building RPM packages.
1643* (Unix version): Add "Keywords:" entry to .desktop files.
1645* (Unix version): Enable large file support, mostly to support filing systems
1646  which return 64 bit inode values, such as CIFS mounts.
1648* (Microsoft Windows version): Only allow "A-Z" or "a-z" for driver letters,
1649  rather than any character which is a letter in the current locale.
1651* Various translation updates.
1653Changes in 1.2.11 (2014-01-28):
1655* aven: Fix wxWidgets assertion when double clicking on an anonymous station.
1656  Reported by Kevin Dixon.
1658* aven: Embed the font data for the first 256 Unicode characters for use in the
1659  survey pane into the compiled aven binary to reduce start up overhead.  Any
1660  additional characters needed are loaded from a data file only if/when a
1661  character >= U+100 is actually needed (as before).
1663* aven: Fix display of Unicode characters above 256 when there's a character
1664  <= 256 earlier in the same string.
1666* aven: Use the actual width of Unicode characters above 256 rather than
1667  assuming they are 16 pixels wide.
1669* aven: If full screen, don't show the side panel when a new file is opened
1670  (e.g. via Ctrl+O).
1672* aven: Don't give an assertion failure when showing passages for a cave with
1673  no vertical extent.  Reported by Jonny Prouty.
1675* aven: Change terminology in print dialog - say "legend" instead of "info
1676  box".
1678* aven: Add option to show the tilt angle as a percentage gradient.
1680* aven: Show the units (degrees, grads, or percent) for the tilt and bearing
1681  indicators.
1683* aven: All length units are now translatable.
1685* aven: Split log_fl_error helper function out of CHECK_GL_ERROR macro, which
1686  will reduce code size and also the number of deprecation warnings about
1687  gluErrorString on Mac OS X 10.9.
1689* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Try to work around redraw issues related
1690  to the measuring line by redrawing the whole window, which doesn't seem to be
1691  measurably slower.
1693* cavern: If *units is used to try to set units for LEVEL, PLUMB, or POSITION,
1694  give an error rather than quietly ignoring the attempt.
1696* cad3d: Make cad3d remap control characters and spaces in station names when
1697  generating PLT output in the same way aven does.
1699* Various translation updates (particular thanks to Eric Madelaine and Dennis
1700  Baudys), including the start of a Bulgarian translation, with messages taken
1701  from Therion and elsewhere.
1703* (Microsoft Windows version): On Microsoft Windows 2000 and newer, use
1704  GetUserDefaultUILanguage() to get the UI language to use.  For older
1705  versions, continue to use GetUserDefaultLCID().
1707* (Microsoft Windows version): The Indonesian translation will now be used
1708  automatically when the system language is set to Indonesian.
1710* (Mac OS X version): Fix to build with wx 3.0.0 on OS X 10.9.  Thanks to David
1711  A. Riggs for his work on this.
1713* (Mac OS X version): Update script to use wx 3.0.0, and add a
1714  checksum check for the downloaded wx sources.
1716* Fix a lot of the compiler warnings when building with clang.
1718* doc/manual.sgml: Add missing quantities to the list documented as accepted by
1719  *units: LEFT, RIGHT, UP/CEILING, DOWN/FLOOR (missing entirely);
1721  mentioned in list of the units that can be set for them); COUNT (missing
1722  alternative name for COUNTER); DX/EASTING, DY/NORTHING, DZ/ALTITUDE
1723  (incorrectly listed as X, Y, Z).  Reported by Jonny Prouty.
1725* Test suite: Improve test coverage for cavern.
1727Changes in 1.2.10 (2014-01-15):
1729* aven: Fix assertion if two mouse buttons are held down at the same time.
1730  If dragging with more than one mouse button held down, releasing one causes
1731  another which is still held down to take effect.  Reported by Brian
1732  Clipstone.
1734* aven: If we fail to start the external editor when the user clicks on an
1735  error or warning from cavern, show an error box.
1737* aven: If the survey has a title, add it as a top-level <title> element to
1738  exported SVG files.
1740* aven: Escape '<', '>', and '&' in labels in exported SVG files.
1742* aven: In GPX export, set the <time> element to the datestamp from the 3d
1743  file.
1745* aven: Don't try to write the title if it isn't set or is empty when exporting
1746  GPX files.
1748* aven: Don't bother looking up the printer page setup info when exporting.
1750* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Fix crash on "File->Print" or
1751  "File->Export" under Windows XP, reported by Brian Clipstone.
1753* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Fix error dialog about an incorrectly
1754  encoded filename which could occur if run without being asked to load a file
1755  on startup.
1757* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Compile with optimisation on.
1759* img library, aven: Although processed CMAP data files are often referred to
1760  as "CMAP .XYZ files", it seems that actually, the extension .XYZ isn't used,
1761  rather .SHT (shot variant, produced by CMAP v16 and later), .UNA (unadjusted)
1762  and .ADJ (adjusted) extensions are.  Since we've long checked for .XYZ, we
1763  continue to do so in case anyone is relying on it, but also check for the
1764  other extensions.
1766* img library: Add new "datestamp_numeric" field to struct img giving the
1767  datestamp as a time_t in UTC (or (time_t)-1 if there's no datestamp or we
1768  failed to convert it).  For .3d >= v8, this field is reliable.  We attempt to
1769  convert date strings in .3d <= v7 and CMAP XYZ files, but may get the
1770  timezone wrong.
1772* img library: Fix my_strcasecmp() to handle top-bit set characters better.
1774* cavern: Fix NULL pointer dereference when processing Compass DAT file without
1775  'SURVEY DATE:'.
1777* doc/manual.sgml: Update references to Survex 1.1 which should be to 1.2.
1779* doc/manual.sgml: Note the station length limit Smaps used.
1781* Fix some compiler warnings if built with glibc's fortify source feature
1782  enabled.
1784Changes in 1.2.9 (2014-01-08):
1786* Document --3d-version in cavern man page and the manual.
1788* aven: Fix compilation error in movie export code with recent libavi.
1790* aven: Fix warning on stderr when export a movie as MPEG.
1792* img library: In non-hosted mode, don't define GETC and PUTC if they're
1793  already defined, to allow easy overriding with getc_unlocked() and
1794  putc_unlocked() (which are significantly faster on Linux).
1796* img library: In non-hosted mode, check that int is at least 32 bits,
1797  and if not, use long.  In practice, platforms with 16 bit int are mostly
1798  obsolete, but it's not hard to be portable here.
1800* img library: Add test that img.c and img.h compile in non-hosted mode
1801  (regression test for issue fixed in 1.2.8).
1803* (Microsoft Windows version): aven is now built with wxWidgets 3.0.0.
1805* Update translations from launchpad and from existing similar messages.
1807* Fix some compiler warnings.
1809Changes in 1.2.8 (2013-10-29):
1811* cavern: Fix handling of anonymous wall stations ('..' by default) to
1812  implicitly set the SPLAY leg flag, as was intended.  Reported by Thomas
1813  Holder.
1815* cavern: Tweak .err file output not to lose the space in front of certain
1816  statistics when the value gets large.
1818* cavern: Eliminate redundant progress message when solving simultaneous
1819  equations.
1821* aven: Add a format drop down to the export dialog, and only show fields which
1822  are meaningful and supported for the currently selected export format.  The
1823  format defaults to that used most recently.  The "Elements" and "View" boxes
1824  have been swapped in the print and export dialogs as that layout works much
1825  better when the "View" box is hidden.
1827* aven: Changing checkboxes in the print or export dialog didn't work in 1.2.7
1828  - now works again.  Reported by Anthony Day.
1830* aven: Add GPX export (based on findentrances patch from Olaf Kähler).  In
1831  this release the projection which the survey coordinates are in defaults
1832  to the BMN M31 grid used in the Totes Gebirge in Austria.  On Unix, you
1833  can edit ~/.aven and add a new line setting 'input_projection' to a PROJ
1834  projection string.  The ability to specify this projection in a better
1835  way is coming soon.
1837* aven: New export options "Origin in centre" and "Full coordinates" - the
1838  latter fixes #10.  GPX and PLT output implicitly force "full coordinates".
1840* aven: The "Sketch" vector drawing program got renamed to "Skencil" some
1841  time ago, so update references.
1843* aven: Make the Presentation->Play menu item a checkbox, to avoid a warning
1844  with wxMSW 2.9.5.  Reported by Brian Clipstone.
1846* aven: Make right click in an empty presentation mark the current position and
1847  open it to edit, instead of crashing.
1849* aven: Update movie export code to work with latest libav API.  Reported by
1850  Sebastian Ramacher.
1852* aven: Improve reporting of errors during the process of exporting a movie.
1854* aven: Don't try to close the movie if we aren't producing one.
1856* aven: Fix assertion failure when double-clicking on the survey with wx2.9.
1858* aven: Fix to build with wxMSW 2.9.5.
1860* aven: Fix to build with wx 2.9.5 with wx2.8 compatibility disabled.
1862* cad3d: The "Sketch" vector drawing program got renamed to "Skencil" some time
1863  ago, so add a new --skencil option to specify this output format.  The old
1864  name (--sketch) is still recognised for compatibility.
1866* cad3d: Make --marker-size work for Skencil and SVG output.
1868* dump3d: Make --show-dates option show dates for XSECT.
1870* img library:
1872  + Fix to work once more when used outside of Survex (missing definition of
1873    max() macro and a bad call to free() in img_close() for a file opened for
1874    reading).
1876  + Use lround() instead of round(), and make the tests around whether we use
1877    the library function or the our fallback implementation saner.
1879  + Fix // comments in C code for portability to pre-C99 compilers which don't
1880    support these as an extension.
1882  + Can now be compiled as C++ as well as as C.
1884* (Microsoft Windows version): The installer is now built with a newer version
1885  of Innosetup, and includes translations for all the languages which Survex
1886  itself has any translations for.
1888* (Microsoft Windows version): aven is now built with wxWidgets 2.9.5.
1890* Minor translation updates.
1892* tests/ Distribute files for "normal_bad" testcase.
1894Changes in 1.2.7 (2013-07-27):
1896* Add support for anonymous stations, which are indicated by one, two or three
1897  separator characters - with the default separator of '.', that means '.',
1898  '..', and '...' are anonymous stations.  Single separator ('.' by default)
1899  is an anonymous non-wall point, double separator ('..' by default)
1900  is an anoymous wall point at the end of an implicit splay), and triple
1901  separator ('...' by default) is an anoymous point (with nothing special about
1902  the leg).  A new *alias command allows '-' to be mapped to '..' for
1903  compatibility with pocket topo: *alias station - ..
1905* New version 8 of the 3d format:
1907  + Supports new flags img_SFLAG_ANON and img_SFLAG_WALL.
1909  + New explicit file-wide flag for 'this is an extended elevation', rather
1910    than modifying the survey title to indicate this.
1912  + The survey prefix is often unchanged from one leg to the next, so use a
1913    spare flag to compactly indicate when there's no label change.
1915  + The data style of each leg is now stored.
1917  + The "processed at" time is stored as seconds since 1970 rather than a
1918    human-readable string.
1920  + Since 3d v8 features significant changes to the format, the format
1921    documentation for v7 and earlier has been split off into 3dformat-old.htm.
1923* img library:
1925  + New station flags img_SFLAG_ANON and img_SFLAG_WALL.
1927  + Handle .pos files containing unnamed stations - don't suck the next line in
1928    as the station name, and set img_SFLAG_ANON for them.
1930  + Repurpose the long unused fBinary parameter to img_open_write() as a flags
1931    parameter, and add img_FFLAG_EXTENDED to specify that this is an extended
1932    elevation, in place of appending " (extended)" to the title.  Internally we
1933    still append this to the title (and remove it upon reading) when writing
1934    3d v7 or earlier, but for the new 3d v8 format, this flag is stored
1935    explicitly in the file.
1937  + img.h: Add comments for the lists of "Leg flags" and "Station flags".
1939* aven:
1941  + We now require at least wxWidgets 2.8.0 - it was released over 6 years ago
1942    now, and the wx developers consider even 2.8 to be rather long in the
1943    tooth.  We stopped testing building with wxWidgets 2.6 some time ago, and
1944    formally dropping support for older versions allows a number of workarounds
1945    to be removed from the aven source code.  Also, features deprecated in
1946    wxWidgets 2.9 are no longer used in our code.
1948  + Don't run incremental search on every key-press, as on a slow machine the
1949    short initial search(es) will take a while but not be useful.  Instead only
1950    actually run the search when we're told there are no more key-presses
1951    queued up.
1953  + Implement support for including cross-section information in exported SVG
1954    and DXF files (ticket#4).  The DXF export is untested currently.
1956  + Show splay legs faded by default, with menu options to hide them or show
1957    them like other legs.
1959  + Speed up loading a .3d file with cross-sections by using a map to convert
1960    station names to positions.
1962  + In the cavern log window, don't highlight a file:linenumber if there's no
1963    message after it, which avoids highlighting the "Included from" lines
1964    wrongly.
1966  + Fix not to crash when trying to report an error while starting up.
1968  + (MacOS X version): Change the menu shortcut for "Full Screen Mode" to be
1969    the OS X standard shortcut Shift-Command-F (previously we used F11, but
1970    that's used by the desktop).
1972  + Add checks for errors when reading the font file.
1974  + Remove useless extra quoting when invoking vim to show the location of an
1975    error from cavern.
1977  + Include GL/gl.h before GL/glext.h (needed on Debian wheezy).
1979  + Use wxValidator to simplify keeping svxPrintDlg member variables and fields
1980    in the dialog in sync.
1982* cavern:
1984  + Demote errors about invalid dates to warnings, since we've accepted *date
1985    for ages without any checks on the value, and so existing datasets
1986    probably contain invalid dates and dates in other formats.  (ticket#19)
1988  + New *alias command allows '-' to be mapped to '..' for compatibility with
1989    pocket topo: *alias station - ..
1991  + We want to warn if there's a clino reading which it would be impossible to
1992    have read from the instrument (e.g. on a -90 to 90 degree scale you can't
1993    read "93" (it's probably a typo e.g. for "39").  However, the gradient
1994    reading from a topofil is typically in the range 0 to 180, with 90 being
1995    horizontal.  Really we should allow the valid range to be explicitly
1996    specified, but for now we infer it from the zero error - if this is within
1997    45 degrees of 90 then we assume the instrument can read between 0 and 180
1998    degrees.
2000  + If the survey isn't all connected, still run survey tree checks and report
2001    errors and/or warnings which might suggest typo locations.  Thanks to Kevin
2002    Dixon for the report which highlighted this issue.
2004  + Report a warning if *begin SURVEY has a separator character in SURVEY.
2006  + Report column numbers as well as line numbers for some cavern errors and
2007    warnings.
2009  + Adjust width of node stats table to fit longest count when there are more
2010    than 9999 of a particular order of node.
2012  + If the argument to *include has an opening double quote but the closing
2013    double quote is missing, then skip trying to open the file.
2015  + Move "Station X referred to just once" warning after non-existent survey
2016    check - if both fire, the non-existent survey error is likely to be more
2017    relevant.
2019  + We no longer follow an error for a bad reading in passage data with a bogus
2020    "End of line not blank" error, but instead check the remaining readings on
2021    the same line.
2023  + We no longer follow an error about OMIT for a required reading with a bogus
2024    "End of line not blank" error.
2026  + Report an error if the scale factor in *calibrate is zero - it doesn't make
2027    sense and probably means someone reversed the arguments to *calibrate.
2029  + Report the parent include files starting from the outermost, as that's more
2030    logical when there are multiple levels involved.
2032  + If we were expecting a numeric field and instead get something which starts
2033    with '+', '-', or '.' but which isn't a number, then fix the error to
2034    include that character in the token reported.
2036  + Simplify handling of quantity lists to only recognise 'DEFAULT' as the
2037    first item.
2039* cad3d: Check for errors from img_rewind() and report them.
2041* dump3d:
2043  + Build, install and package dump3d as standard - it's useful for grabbing
2044    info from 3d files in scripts.
2046  + Add --show-dates option.
2048  + Show only 2 decimal places on coordinates and passage dimensions.
2050  + Report the data style of legs.
2052  + Report if the file is an extended elevation.
2054  + Report img_STOP as STOP rather than CODE_0xffffffff.
2056* Test suite:
2058  + cavern.tst: Fix equatenosuchstn testcase (added in 1.2.6) to normalise the
2059    expected output so it passes reliably.
2061  + cavern.tst: Run diffpos <expected> <actual> so the reports of 'Added' and
2062    'Deleted' stations upon failure are the more natural way round.
2064  + Add more testcases, expand some existing testcases, and add expected output
2065    for more.
2067* (Microsoft Windows version): Use wx-config's --cc and --cxx flags to find the
2068  appropriate C and C++ compilers to use, and link mingw build statically to
2069  avoid needing the libgcc DLL (which newer GCC seems to have by default).
2071* (Unix version): When determining the character set for command-line tools,
2072  check environmental variable LANG after LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE.
2074* When determining the language, check environmental variable LC_ALL before
2075  LC_MESSAGES and LANG (but after SURVEXLANG).
2077* If we don't find the message file, only give an error if it was specified
2078  with SURVEXLANG, since that is an explicit instruction to Survex, whereas
2079  LANG, LC_ALL and LC_MESSAGES are essentially system "preferred locale"
2080  settings.
2082* There are a handful of hard-coded English message strings for reporting
2083  errors trying loading message files, etc.  These are all now ASCII, as if we
2084  fail trying to open a message file, it's more likely the encoding isn't
2085  set correctly.
2087* Prune strings we are no longer using and are probably unlikely to use again
2088  into a new file po_codes_dead, so that translators don't get presented with
2089  them to translate.
2091* Merge lots of translation updates.  Most translations are now complete or
2092  close to complete.
2094* Add start of Indonesian translation from Arief Setiadi Wibowo.
2096* Fix various compiler warnings when building from source.
2098* Include scripts gdtconvert and gen_img2aven in the source distribution.
2100Changes in 1.2.6 (2012-02-23):
2102* (Mac OS X version): Fix so that cavern finds its messages when run by aven.
2104* (Microsoft Windows version): Include JPEG images for aven in the installer
2105  package (ticket#35).
2107* cavern: If we have a reference to a station in a non-existent survey, give a
2108  helpful error rather than saying the station hasn't been exported from the
2109  survey.  (Bug reported by Martin Green via email)
2111* aven: Fix to build with a non-Unicode wxWidgets library.  Patch from Olaf
2112  Kahler.
2114* findentrances: Add findentrances utility from Olaf Kahler which produces a
2115  .gpx file with waypoints for entrances.  This needs libproj so is disabled
2116  by default for this release - to enable it install the development stuff for
2117  libproj and build survex with:
2119      make FINDENTRANCES=findentrances
2120      make install FINDENTRANCES=findentrances
2122* dump3d: Add support for showing img_ERROR_INFO items.
2124* doc/3dformat.htm: Merge in some improvements from Mike McCombe.
2126* Incorporate a French translation from launchpad I'd previously copied the
2127  English version of by mistake.  Attempt to correct mistranslation of "survey
2128  file".
2130Changes in 1.2.5 (2012-01-03):
2132* aven:
2134  + The survey tree in the left panel is now in sorted order once more.
2136  + No longer fails with an assertion if used for a long time (we were leaking
2137    an OpenGL list each time one had to be regenerated).
2139  + Now builds with newer FFmpeg library.
2141  + Draw measuring line in front of the indicators rather than behind them.
2143  + Loading a new file (or reloading the current one) no longer invalidates
2144    the OpenGL lists for the compass and clino, so will be a fraction faster.
2146* Improve handling of attempts to look up translated messages before the
2147  message subsystem is fully initialised (which only happens if there's an
2148  error early on).
2150* Improve the survex(7) man page text, and fix it to be marked as section 7 in
2151  the man page source as well as in the filename.
2153Changes in 1.2.4 (2012-01-01):
2155* aven:
2157  + A change in 1.2.3 meant that aven tried to use OpenGL before it was
2158    initialised, which doesn't cause problems in some machines, but causes aven
2159    to abort on others.  This is now fixed, and there's a check in place to
2160    help avoid similar issues in future. (ticket#34)
2162  + Always use metres or feet for the depth colour key, and chose a consistent
2163    precision by looking at the depth range. (ticket#30)
2165  + Show the depth units below the colour bar rather than after every value.
2167  + When zooming way in, stay in metres rather than switching to cm.
2169  + On the scale bar, say “1 mile” rather than “1 miles”.
2171* Translation updates for Catalan, French and Slovak.
2173Changes in 1.2.3 (2011-12-31):
2175* Fix to build with wxWidgets 2.9.2.
2177* (Mac OS X version):
2179  + Processing .svx files from aven now works.
2181  + Remove spurious blank lines from the licence text in "Get Info".
2183  + Don't create the help menu at all, as it is empty (because the "About"
2184    entry goes elsewhere) and sometimes seems to appear in the UI.
2186  + INSTALL.OSX: Update to reflect current status.
2188* aven:
2190  + Fix Y coordinates of surface surveys on printouts.  (Closes #32)
2192  + Improvements to text plotted on the survey pane:
2194    - Support plotting Unicode character points > 256 by lazily loading the
2195      data for them from the font file and plotting them with a direct call to
2196      glBitmap(), which is slower but doesn't require a display list per
2197      character.
2199    - Adjust the spacing from fixed width to putting a one pixel gap either
2200      side of each one character (so two between adjacent glyphs).  Mostly this
2201      reduces the horizontal width, but it adds a pixel for characters like "m"
2202      and two in a few cases.
2204    - Fix .pixelfont file generation to correctly handle characters wider than
2205      8 pixels.
2207  + Fix expected cross shape so don't always reject using texture mapping to
2208    draw crosses.
2210  + As we read a survey file, eliminate tubes consisting of zero XSECTs as well
2211    as those consisting of just one.  Previously we would trip over the empty
2212    tube later.  Such tubes can for example be created by extend if a splay shot
2213    is the start or end of a tube.
2215  + Make the green colour used for entrances in the survey tree the same
2216    (slightly darker than before) green used for the entrance blobs.
2218  + Report the version of the library we're actually running with if built
2219    against wx >= 2.9.2.  Make it clear that the version reported is the
2220    version *built* with for wx < 2.9.2.
2222* extend:
2224  + Copy the end markers for passage tubes.
2226  + Preserve left and right data for tubes (previously they were set to -1.0
2227    which means "no info").
2229* img library: Fix incorrect comment in img.h which claimed that img_XFLAG_END
2230  was no longer used - it certainly is!
2232* Use curly double quotes instead of "`" and "'" to quote filenames, etc in
2233  messages, and curly single right quote instead of straight ASCII apostrophe.
2234  Fall back to using straight ASCII versions if we can't represent them in the
2235  current character set.
2237* Translation updates for Catalan, French, Slovak and Spanish.
2239* Test suite:
2241  + Add test coverage for interleaved diving data.
2243  + Add testcase for diving data with topofil-style distance.
2245Changes in 1.2.2 (2011-10-06):
2247* aven:
2249  + Replace the textured-mapped font drawing with an approach based on
2250    glBitmap.  This doesn't suffer from the character alignment issues which
2251    the textured-mapped fonts had, and is actually significantly faster on some
2252    machines.  The current font used is (mostly) fixed-width, but this isn't an
2253    inherent limitation - it was just the easiest font data to convert to a
2254    usable format.
2256  + Fix assertion failure due to rounding differences on loading certain .3d
2257    files.  (ticket#26)
2259  + Fix assertion failure when turning on 3D passages if they stick out higher
2260    or lower than any station.  (ticket#29)
2262  + Fix grid not to disappear when blobs are turned on and blobs are drawn
2263    using lines.
2265  + If a degree sign isn't available in the character set in use, transliterate
2266    it to 'dg' rather than skipping it.
2268  + Fix message which should have been a degree sign but got lost in the format
2269    change for 1.2.0 and then got reassigned in 1.2.1.  Externally, this means
2270    that bearings in the status bar now have a degree sign after them if they
2271    are in degrees rather than nothing (1.2.0) or "&Hide Compass" (1.2.1).
2273  + Fix print dialog to calculate the scale required for "One page" right
2274    before it calculates how many pages are required, so we don't end up
2275    something other than 1x1 being shown when the user changes settings.
2277  + Update the calculations for picking a scale and for deciding how many
2278    pages are needed to take into account the change in info box height made
2279    in 1.2.1.
2281Changes in 1.2.1 (2011-10-04):
2283* Translation updates for US English.
2285* aven:
2287  + Rename the "depth bar" to "colour key" in documentation, menus, etc since
2288    it now shows colours for dates and errors as well as depths.
2290  + In the colour key for "colour by date", change "No info" to "Undated".
2292  + Remove the dark grey background from the colour key and just put a single
2293    pixel black border around the colours.  This is more in keeping with the
2294    other controls, and means the colours are now on a black background so more
2295    visually similar to the survey legs.
2297  + Move the colour key's "Undated"/"Not in loop" entry down a little to
2298    improve the appearance.  Make each section a pixel taller.
2300  + Allow "Colour by X" to be selected even if there's no data for X or only a
2301    single value of X used (the colour key is much smaller in these cases, and
2302    does still provide some useful information).
2304  + Fix incorrect calculation of depth colouring for survey legs which straddle
2305    a depth band boundary.
2307  + The scale bar, compass, clino, and colour key now all have right click
2308    menus which allow related actions to be performed (especially handy in
2309    full-screen mode).
2311  + Improve the font used on the survey pane - it now contains the '-'
2312    character (so the clino now shows negative angles as negative, and dates
2313    in the colour key are now hyphenated).  Also the spacing and alignment
2314    are a little better, though still not perfect.
2316  + PLT file export now handles spaces and control characters in station names
2317    by escaping them with '%' as in URLs.
2319  + Pressing "Enter" on a station in the tree control now centres the view on
2320    that station.
2322  + The scale bar is now cached in an OpenGL display list since it often gets
2323    redrawn exactly the same - for example, when rotating, panning, etc.
2325  + Pressing "F5" forces all cached OpenGL drawing lists to be invalidated and
2326    then forces a refresh of the survey pane.  This is intended as a debugging
2327    aid - if pressing F5 changes the display at all then there's a missing case
2328    where a list should have been invalidated (please report if you find such
2329    a case as it is a bug).
2331  + We now automatically track which OpenGL display lists need to be
2332    invalidated on window width or height changes.
2334  + Increase scale bar maximum width from 65% of the window width to 75% as it
2335    was in 1.0.x (except that if that would overlap the clino we now reduce
2336    that proportion down until it reaches 50%).  Make the limit of zooming in
2337    the same as in 1.0.x.  (ticket#23)
2339  + (Linux version): Previously wxGTK didn't really handle showing a dialog if
2340    the application was fullscreen (the dialog got opened under the main
2341    window!)  To work around this, aven would switch out of full screen mode
2342    temporarily while showing a dialog.  This case works properly with recent
2343    wxGTK, so disable our workaround with versions we know work.  Also, apply
2344    the workaround only for wxGTK, not everywhere except on Microsoft Windows
2345    as there's no reason to think we need it for other platforms.
2347  + Grey out the "View North" action when we're already viewing North, and
2348    similarly for other compass points.
2350  + (Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows versions): Fix missing newline to OpenGL
2351    info in the "About" dialog.
2353  + Fix to set the correct filename on the root of the survey tree - previously
2354    the filename of the previous file loaded was used!
2356  + The movie export code now works with newer versions of the FFmpeg libraries
2357    as well as still working with older versions.
2359  + Fix mixed up messages - the print dialog now says "View" on the left
2360    subgroup of controls rather than some unrelated message.
2362  + On printouts, combine the "Plan View"/"Elevation" info box field with the
2363    field which gives the bearing and reduce the height on the info box by the
2364    removed field, so it's now 3cm for plans and elevations, as for extended
2365    elevations.  Report the tilt angle for tilted elevations which it seems has
2366    been missing for ages (it's not in recent 1.0.x either).
2368  + Tweak the exact positioning of informational text on printouts to look
2369    nicer and make better use of the available space.
2371  + Add keyboard mnemonics to the "Plan" and "Elevation" buttons in the print
2372    dialog.
2374  + Make the sign of the tilt angle for printouts consistent with the sign
2375    shown by the "clino" in the survey pane.
2377  + In the "Print" dialog, when in plan view disable the "Plan view" button,
2378    and similarly for the "Elevation" button.
2380  + (Microsoft Windows version): Sort out appearance of custom cursors.
2382  + If a label isn't valid UTF-8 or CP1252, fall back to ISO8859-1.
2384  + (Mac OS X version): F11 puts aven into full screen mode, but apparently
2385    you can't get out again easily, so add code to explicitly check for F11
2386    being pressed and toggle full screen.
2388* (Linux version): Fix the RPM .spec file for where man pages now get installed
2389  and package aven.svg and the vim support files.  (Fixes from James Begley)
2391* "make check" now performs several checks on the translation files.
2393* More messages are now available to be translated.
2395* cavern: Fix reporting of ranges of survey coordinates, which was broken by
2396  the message handling changes in 1.2.0.
2398* Fix warning when compiling with GCC.
2400* INSTALL: Mention building wxWidgets with --enable-unicode.  Mention using
2401  sudo for installing on Unix.
2403* In the manual, replace the instructions for building from source with a
2404  pointer to the clearer instructions in INSTALL.
2406* In the manual, make it clear that installing with administrator rights
2407  also applies to newer platforms than XP.
2409* doc/TODO.htm: Update.
2411Changes in 1.2.0 (2011-09-20):
2413* Translation updates for Catalan, French, Romanian, Spanish, Slovak, and US
2414  English.
2416* tests/smoke.tst: aven no longer requires an X display for --help or
2417  --version, so replace skip of this check with a check that this remains the
2418  case.
2420* We now use the standard .po and .pot file formats for storing translations
2421  (rather than the Survex-specific messages.txt format), and then translate
2422  these into Survex's .msg format.
2424* (Unix version): Move survex man page to section 7 (since it isn't documenting
2425  an actual command).
2427* (Unix version): Write each generated man page to a temporary file, then
2428  atomically rename, to avoid leaving an empty or partial man page behind if
2429  docbook-to-man dies (1.1.16 had an empty cad3d.1, and we want to avoid a
2430  recurrence of that).
2432* (Unix version): Default to installing docs into /usr/share/doc/survex rather
2433  than /usr/doc/survex.
2435* aven:
2437  + Fix handling of accented characters in the survey pane.
2439  + Aven icon redrawn in SVG format - it's now a vector image which looks
2440    nicer at larger sizes.
2442  + Explicitly request double-buffering, which seems to be needed for systems
2443    with GLX >= 1.3.
2445  + Fix crash while trying to load certain .3d files.
2447  + Movie export code updated to work with more recent versions of FFmpeg.
2448    Currently this is disabled in Microsoft Windows builds, pending getting the
2449    required libraries set up for building releases.
2451  + Reporting of errors during movie export improved.
2453  + Force playback speed to "x1" during movie export.
2455  + Use stock IDs for buttons where appropriate - such buttons may now be
2456    rendered with icons on some platforms.
2458  + If a label isn't valid UTF-8, treat it as CP1252 (the Microsoft superset of
2459    ISO8859-1).
2461  + (Unix version): Remove special handling for toggling "full screen" on wxGTK
2462    as it's no longer required with modern versions.
2464  + Don't redraw the survey on every mouse movement in the survey pane unless
2465    the measuring line is (or just was) active.  (ticket #17)
2467* cavern:
2469  + Drop "non-fatal" from the report of how many errors there were at the end
2470    of the run - it just confuses users - we won't even get here if there's a
2471    fatal error!
2473  + Add --3d-version option to allow the user to specify the version of the 3d
2474    format to output.  (ticket#21)
2476* img library:
2478  + Make the highest and lowest valid values for img_output_version available
2479    in img.h as IMG_VERSION_MIN and IMG_VERSION_MAX.
2481* (Mac OS X version): Fix script to check where the temporary
2482  volume actually gets mounted.  Fix URL for downloading wxWidgets.
2484Changes in 1.1.16 (2011-05-16):
2486* Translation updates for German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian
2487  Portuguese, and US English.
2489* Use horizontal ellipses character rather than '...' and right arrow character
2490  rather than '->' where these characters are available.
2492* (Unix version): Link with -lGL, if it exists, to support linking with gold or
2493  GNU ld --as-needed (Debian bug #615781).
2495* img.c:
2497  + Fix code typo for IMG_API_VERSION == 0 case.
2499  + Fix code typo in code used when IMG_HOSTED isn't defined.
2501* doc/TODO.htm: Remove entries which have now been done.
2503* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: We now include all the available
2504  translations for messages from wxWidgets, which means that standard widgets
2505  will appear translated where available even if Survex messages aren't
2506  translated.
2508Changes in 1.1.15 (2010-10-15):
2510* aven:
2512  + In the cavern log window, change the "Rerun" button to "Reprocess" to
2513    follow terminology in manual and elsewhere.  Fixes ticket#15.
2515  + When displaying output from cavern, don't update the window after every
2516    line, but only when we don't have data from cavern pending.  Hopefully
2517    addresses ticket#12.
2519  + If we aren't using GL_POINTS for blobs, draw them using a series of
2520    abutting lines rather than with gluDisk which is faster and gives a
2521    consistent shape.
2523  + Check whether blobs and crosses actually render correctly as points/point
2524    sprites, and if they don't, fall back to drawing them with lines.  The
2525    best method is cached on disk, and rechecked automatically if the graphics
2526    hardware is changed or the drivers upgraded.
2528  + Fix non-USE_FNT case to work again (it's limited to ISO-8859-1 characters
2529    though, so we still enable USE_FNT by default).
2531  + Don't offer "All files" wildcard in presentation save dialog.
2533  + (Microsoft Windows): Handle filenames with non-Latin1 characters in in
2534    more places.
2536  + (Microsoft Windows): Quote filenames with spaces and metacharacters in
2537    when running cavern from aven.  Fixes ticket#11.
2539* editwrap: (Microsoft Windows): Handle filenames with non-Latin1 characters.
2541* diffpos: Handle files with duplicate labels in better - extend generates
2542  duplicate labels when it breaks a loop.
2544* Enable eswap-break testcase now that diffpos handles duplicate station names.
2546* New v7 of .3d format which stores survey dates as number of days since
2547  January 1st 1900, so we now support dates from 1900-2078 (rather than
2548  1970-2037) with a smaller file size.  The img API is now versioned - you
2549  can select the new "version 1" by compiling with -DIMG_API_VERSION=1, which
2550  gives the survey dates in days in days1 and days2 instead of as time_t
2551  values in date1 and date2.  Fixes ticket#14.
2553* Consistently use rather than - the
2554  former has been the canonical name for some time, with just
2555  redirecting to it.
2557* (Unix version): Use unlocked file I/O if available, which can be much faster
2558  in some cases (we don't need the locking as we don't do multithreaded file
2559  I/O).
2561* (Mac version): Fix compilation failure due to clash with Point in Mac OS X
2562  headers.
2564* (Mac version): now works again.
2566* Most tests weren't actually running any testcases (looks like a sh
2567  portability issue).  This is now fixed, and fortunately all tests still pass.
2569* Include the extra .isl translation files for Innosetup in the source archive.
2571Changes in 1.1.14 (2010-07-26):
2573* Restore compatibility with wxWidgets 2.6 (1.1.13 required wxWidgets 2.8).
2575* aven:
2577  + After processing survey data, if there were warnings or errors, add a
2578    "Rerun" button to allow easy reprocessing after fixing problems.  If there
2579    were only warnings, also add an "OK" button to allow moving on to viewing
2580    the processed survey data (fixes ticket#13).
2582  + Optimise updating of the cavern log window (hopefully fixes ticket#12).
2584  + Fix links in cavern log window to link from exactly '<file>:<line>' (and
2585    not the ': ' after), and to make the title for the terminal the
2586    warning/error message.  Avoid false positives by checking that '<line>' is
2587    a number.
2589  + Don't double escape the contents of href and target in links in the cavern
2590    log window.
2592  + Improve handling of the splitter window, fixing behavioural glitches in
2593    various cases.
2595  + Highlight stations matching any current search when a file is loaded.
2596    (ticket#9)
2598  + (Mac version): Fix build issue due to Mac OS X polluting the global
2599    namespace with its own "Point" class.
2601  + (Unix version): The Gnome print dialog has its own preview window so
2602    suppress ours if using the Gnome one.
2604  + (Unix version): Link aven with -lGLU which SuSE Linux needs.
2606  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix handling of a double-click on the survey
2607    tree when built with wxWidgets >= 2.8.11.
2609* cavern: Report relevant file and line number for three warnings which didn't
2610  give them before.
2612* (Unix and Mac versions): configure: Update the wx-config probing code -
2613  wxmac-config etc aren't present with newer wxWidgets versions so there's no
2614  point looking for them now.
2616* (Mac version): This script builds a diskimage with Survex in
2617  for easy installation.  Update it to work with the latest Survex versions
2618  (use WX_CONFIG not WXCONFIG; use a Unicode build of wxWidgets; if building a
2619  private wxWidgets, use 2.8.11 not 2.7.0-1).
2621* manual:
2623  + Correctly capitalise "GTK".
2625  + Note that on Linux we only regularly test builds with the GTK+ version
2626    (change taken from 1.0).
2628* Fixed the cad3d man page, which was an empty file in 1.1.13.
2630Changes in 1.1.13 (2010-06-16):
2632* Say "wxWidgets" instead of "wxWindows" consistently.
2634* img.c: Fix small memory leak (filename_opened member).
2636* cad3d, aven: Fix export to SVG when a label contains a '%' character.
2638* aven:
2640  + wxWidgets 2.6.0 or newer is now required.
2642  + A "Unicode" build of wxWidgets is now supported.  An "ANSI" build may still
2643    work but hasn't been tested recently (all packaged versions of wxWidgets
2644    seem to be Unicode now).
2646  + Fix potential uses of uninitialised variables which may have been causing
2647    occasional glitches when loading a file on start-up.
2649  + Improvements to the handling of the font used for plotting labels and other
2650    text on the survey pane:
2652    - Loading the font file is more efficient.
2654    - Character spacing is improved.
2656    - Default font is now anti-aliased.
2658  + "About" dialog:
2660    - Add "Copy" button to copy the system info to the clipboard for easier
2661      bug reporting.
2663    - List OpenGL extensions last, since there are usually lots of them with a
2664      modern gfx card.
2666    - Fix 100% CPU usage while the "About" dialog is open.
2668  + Processing .svx files:
2670    - Passing a .svx file on the command line now works better.
2672    - Put the survey data log window in a splitter in the usual frame rather
2673      than opening a separate frame for it.
2675    - Auto-scroll the log window until we've reported a warning or error.
2677    - Fix small memory leak.
2679  + The presentation filename now defaults to using the basename of the
2680    currently loaded dataset, but we always prompt before we first save with
2681    such a name.
2683  + Reduce memory usage when saving a screenshot.
2685  + Allow "Toggle Fullscreen" to work even if no survey is loaded now that we
2686    persist the window size (and maximised or fullscreen state) between
2687    invocations.
2689  + Fix reporting of OpenGL errors.
2691  + Fix glitches when tilting while looking East.
2693  + Added Portuguese and Slovak translations of wxWidgets messages.
2695* Documentation:
2697  + Rationalise manual formats - replace PostScript with PDF and drop RTF.
2699  + Drop the "alternative manual formats" self-extracting zip file - people
2700    will generally just want one of the formats, so downloading several
2701    together isn't very useful.
2703  + 3dformat.htm: Update for v6 format (thanks to Mike McCombe).
2705  + GPL.htm: Replace HTML version of licence with a link to the version on
2706    the FSF website.
2708  + ChngeLog.htm: Stop generating an HTML version of the ChangeLog - it's too
2709    low level to be of interest to non-developers, and developers can look at
2710    the source code.
2712* (Unix version): configure: New preferred name for specifying wx-config script
2713  is WX_CONFIG.  WXCONFIG still supported for compatibility.
2715* (Linux version): Source RPM package dropped as you can just build an RPM
2716  package from the source tarball.
2718* (Microsoft Windows version): The installer is now created with a newer
2719  version of InnoSetup, which gives a 10% smaller download.
2721Changes in 1.1.12 (2007-02-07):
2723* aven:
2725  + Remember the window size or maximised/fullscreen state between invocations.
2727  + Add options dialog to "Export" similar to the one for "Print".
2729  + The "number of pages required" in the print dialog now updates when you
2730    change what is to be shown (underground legs/surface legs/station
2731    names/crosses).
2733Changes in 1.1.11 (2006-11-25):
2735* Updated Czech, Spanish, and Slovak translations.
2737* (MacOS X version): Assorted OS X specific tweaks and fixes.
2739* aven:
2741  + Pick a smaller and clearer font for labels.
2743  + Fix character spacing.
2745  + Tweak display of bearing and elevation angles to look nicer with
2746    proportional fonts.
2748  + Use the title from the 3d (or plt, etc) file for the window title
2749    rather than the filename.
2751  + Show distances to 2 decimal places rather than the nearest integer.
2753  + Only consider underground legs when calculating the depth bands and
2754    depth colouring.
2756  + Add "Colour by Error".
2758  + Add entry for "white" in date and error keys.
2760  + When setting the view to a single point, don't change the scale.
2762  + If reloading the same file, don't change the view
2764  + Fix filetypes selector in open dialog.
2766  + Fix the charset we use for aven in certain cases.
2768  + Call msg_init before using msg_lang or it won't ever be set!
2770  + Pass wx the full language code to initialise the C library locale.
2772  + Fix bug in generating prefix tree view which could lead to a bogus
2773    leading dot on some survey names (bug probably introduced in 1.1.10).
2775  + "New Presentation" now ensures that the side panel is open
2777  + Fix updating of cached opengl lists when the view is reset to the
2778    default.
2780* Ignore LANG if it starts with a digit to avoid problems with bogus value for
2781  LANG which AutoCAD installation seems to set on MS Windows.
2783* (Unix version): configure: Allow SGMLTOOLS and DOCBOOK_TO_MAN to be
2784  specified.  Either/both can be set to ":".
2786* dump3d: Report unknown (to dump3d) codes returned by img.
2788* img library: Flag all stations as underground in the old "ASCII" .3d format.
2790Changes in 1.1.10 (2006-07-14):
2792* aven: Clicking on a survey name in the survey tree now highlights it in
2793  the map view.  Double-clicking zooms the view to show the clicked survey
2794  highlighted.  Clicking the root clears the highlighting and double-clicking
2795  the root restores the default view.  To expand/collapse a branch, click
2796  on the "[+]" or "[-]" icon to the left of the survey name.
2798* aven: The measuring line can now measure to anywhere in plan or elevation
2799  view (not just to a station!)  In plan view the horizontal distance and
2800  bearing are shown, while in elevation view the vertical distance is shown.
2802* aven: Moving the mouse over a station in the survey view now highlights
2803  that station in the survey tree (though it may not be visible if the
2804  survey(s) it is in aren't expanded).
2806* aven: Clicking on a station to centre the view now moves the mouse pointer
2807  to the new location of the station (except on Mac OS X where this isn't
2808  allowed).
2810* aven: Fix which presentation toolbar buttons are shown as depressed.
2812* Fix infinite loop reading 3d files with LRUD data (bug introduced in 1.1.9).
2814* vim files are now installed with the correct paths (bug introduced in 1.1.9).
2816Changes in 1.1.9 (2006-07-04):
2818* (Unix version): Install desktop files for aven and svxedit contributed to the
2819  Ubuntu package by Phil Bull, and corresponding pixmaps.
2821* Fix img to filter out cross-sections which don't match the subsurvey (if
2822  specified).  The API now returns img_XSECT_END to mark the end of a
2823  passage rather than setting a flag on the last img_XSECT of the passage.
2825* Enhance integration with the vim editor - this can now colour .err files, run
2826  cavern from vim and parse error output, and run aven from vim.  Tweak the
2827  existing vim mode for .svx files to fix a few minor bugs and add support for
2828  the new "*data passage" style.
2830* aven: fix drawing of the "blob" end of the measuring line on graphics cards
2831  which can't draw large enough blobs for us.
2833* aven: sort out confusion about what encoding everything is in which means
2834  that the distance measured by the measuring line actually gets displayed
2835  and also fixes problems with empty menu items in non-English locales in
2836  some cases.
2838* aven: redraw grey background after a menu is closed over the aven window
2839  with no survey loaded.
2841* aven: fix bug which caused printing to crash (introduced in 1.1.8).
2843* aven: avoid crash on some machines when opening "About" dialog before having
2844  loaded a survey.
2846* aven: Translate "Plan" and "Elevation" buttons in print view dialog.
2848* (Unix version): aven: Fix character set handling of cavern output.
2850* cavern: Report an error if a cross-section is specified for a station which
2851  doesn't exist.
2853* Updated French and Italian translations.
2855* (Unix version): aven: Fix "Can't open message file `en_US' using path
2856  `${prefix}/share/survex'" error.
2858* Fix bug in 3d file reading on 64 bit platforms when used in STANDALONE mode
2859  (doesn't affect Survex itself, but other applications which use img.c should
2860  update their copy).
2862* (Unix version): Add checks that wxWidgets is a non-unicode version (wx 2.6
2863  and later are caught by configure, whereas older wx versions are caught when
2864  trying to compile).
2866Changes in 1.1.8 (2006.06.30):
2868* Drop support for building with wxWidgets versions prior to 2.4.0
2869  (which was released on 2003-01-07).
2871* aven: Printing through aven now uses settings from the "[aven]" section
2872  of print.ini, and support for hierarchical sections (using "like=")
2873  has been disabled.
2875* aven: Change mouse actions to be compatible with those in Survex 1.0.
2876  The mousewheel now zooms in/out (it doesn't do anything in 1.0) and
2877  left drag is now smart about not rotating and zooming at the same
2878  time.
2880* aven: Highlighting stations now happens as you type, and pressing
2881  "Enter" or clicking the "Find" button now pans and zooms to show the
2882  highlighted stations.
2884* aven: Left-clicking away from a station now cancels measuring line.
2886* aven: Setting view to North, South, East, or West is now animated like
2887  the tilt from plan to elevation.
2889* aven: Fix presentation saving to also write "." for decimal points and
2890  presentation loading to accept either "." or ",".
2892* (Unix version): aven: Add text for all toolbar items so that aven
2893  will work with the Gnome desktop preference for displaying toolbars as
2894  icons with text or just text (wxWidgets needs fixing first though).
2896* (Unix version): aven: Remove the ability to detach the menu bar (yell
2897  if you actually used it and I'll restore it!)
2899* aven: Add "all survey files" option to the "open file" dialog.
2901* (MS Windows version): aven: Fix cursor keys to pan survey.
2903* (MS Windows version): Built with wxWidgets 2.6.3 instead of 2.6.2.
2905* (MS Windows version): Fix installer to work on Windows 2000 or XP if
2906  run by an unprivileged user.
2908* (MS Windows version): Upgrade to the latest version of InnoSetup (the
2909  installer builder we use) and include new installer translations for
2910  UK English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and Slovak.
2912* (MS Windows version): aven: Include Catalan and Brazilian Portuguese
2913  translations of messages for wxWidgets (the GUI library we use).
2915* aven: Disable "Highlight exported points" if there aren't any.
2917* Updates to French translation from Michel Bovey.  Also updates to German,
2918  Italian, Catalan, Spanish, and Romanian translations.
2920* (Unix version): test suite: fix smoke test to pass even without X running
2921  (it was meant to but the code had a bug).
2923* aven: Check if OpenGL is available and exit cleanly with a helpful error
2924  if it isn't.
2926* (Unix version): aven: Fix --help and --version to work without a working
2927  X display (provided it's built with wxWidgets 2.5.1 or newer).
2929* aven: Automatically select the presentation tab of the notebook when the user
2930  selects "New Presentation" or "Open Presentation".
2932* aven: Fix "Delete" in the presentation list to not get passed on (and so not
2933  reset to default view as well).
2935* aven: Fix Ctrl+Insert in the presentation list not to segfault if the list is
2936  empty.
2938* aven: Fix Cursor Up and Down in the presentation list to move the highlight
2939  up and down instead of being passed on and moving the survey.
2941* aven: Improve SVG output compatibility.  Tested with Mozilla Firefox 1.5,
2942  Adobe's SVG browser plugin, Gimp 2.2.8, Gqview 2.0.0, Opera 8.5,
2943  Safari 2.0.3, and InkScape 0.42.
2945* aven: Put a 5mm border around exported SVG files to allow for station markers
2946  and non-zero width lines.
2948* aven: Fix crash when exporting as SVG or Sketch if labels or surface data
2949  was turned on.
2951* aven: Actually close the file we're exporting which fixes problems with it
2952  not always being fully written.
2954Changes in 1.1.7 (2005.10.18):
2956* cavern: Add validity checking for dates in *date commands (with feature
2957  test in testsuite).  A date entered as just "year" or "year.month" now
2958  becomes a date range for the relevant period (previously it became a single
2959  date near the middle of that period).
2961* extend: Fixed 2 uninitialised flags (should fix erratic behaviour on
2962  with MS Windows).
2964* extend: Default output name for a file called input.3d is now input_extend.3d
2965  rather than just extend.3d (which was annoying if you wanted to extend
2966  several surveys in the same directory).
2968* aven: OpenGL 2.0 always includes support for point sprites so rework
2969  our check for them to include that knowledge.
2971* aven: Regenerate depth bar if user switches to/from metric units.
2973* aven: Don't clear the "there" mark just because the mouse pointer has
2974  moved off a station.
2976* aven: When processing a .svx file, put the resultant .3d file in the
2977  same directory (since that's where we then try to load it from).
2979* aven: Fix labelling of date colouring on 32 bit platforms.
2981* aven: If "colour by date" is on and we load a survey with no date info
2982  (or all surveyed on the same date) then set "colour by none".
2984* aven: Make the error dialog modal and remove a signal handler once it
2985  has fired to prevent endless (or seemingly endless) cascades of error
2986  dialogs.
2988* aven: Enforce a minimum object volume diameter of 1m to avoid problems
2989  if a survey file with only one station in is loaded.
2991* aven: Fix problems with indicators disappearing when we're drawing
2992  blobs and/or crosses the slow (but always supported) way.  (Problem
2993  introduced in 1.1.6).
2995* (Unix version): aven: Really stop setting extra toolbar margin when using
2996  GTK2.0.  The attempt to fix this in 1.1.3 failed because __WXGTK12__ is
2997  set for GTK+ 1.2 or *any later release* so is true for GTK+ 2.0 too!
2999* (Unix version): aven: Add details of which of wxGTK, wxMotif, and wxX11
3000  we've been compiled with, and which GTK+/Motif version where appropriate.
3002* (Unix version): Fixed build on Fedora Core 3.
3004* documentation: Updates to 3d file format specification from Mike McCombe.
3006Changes in 1.1.6 (2005.10.10):
3008* (MS Windows version): Distribution is about a third smaller than 1.1.5
3009  (mostly because mingwm10.dll is no longer required).
3011* aven: If aven is asked to load a .svx, .dat, or .mak file, run cavern on
3012  it, showing cavern's output in a window (with errors and warnings clickable
3013  to load the offending file into an editor), and then loading the resulting
3014  3d file.
3016* aven: Added "Colour by Date" option.
3018* aven: Disable "Colour by Depth" option if there's no elevation variation.
3020* aven: Don't crash if trying to load a survey with no elevation variation.
3021  Instead turn off depth colouring.
3023* aven: Export as HPGL added.
3025* aven: Improved update of mouse coordinates and measuring line (thanks to
3026  Martin Green).
3028* aven: Show the coordinates of either the mouse pointer or the nearest
3029  survey station to it (if there is one near enough).  Showing both was
3030  confusing and meant the status bar overflowed on smaller displays.
3032* aven: When printing an extended elevation, don't show bearing and elevation.
3034* aven: Don't lock "flat" surveys which aren't extended elevations - a
3035  flat survey with LRUD data isn't flat any more!
3037* aven: When we have to draw blobs and crosses the slow way (because the
3038  graphics hardware doesn't support the fast way), draw them so that they
3039  should appear at the correct depth into the 3D scene instead of on top
3040  of everything else.
3042* aven: Make "play presentation backwards" icon green to match the other
3043  presentation icons.
3045* (MS Windows version): aven: Mouse clicks on the survey view now set the
3046  keyboard focus there.
3048* (MS Windows version): aven: Fix first redraw of a newly loaded survey.
3050* (MS Windows version): aven: Fix redrawing of measuring line.
3052* cavern: Store dates for img_XSECT.
3054* cavern: Fixed small one-off memory leak if you specify -o more than once.
3056* (Unix version): Check environmental variable LC_MESSAGES when deciding what
3057  language to use for messages.
3059* (MS Windows version): "Print" on a 3d file now prints through aven rather
3060  than the separate printer driver (Unix has done this for some time).
3062* Removed old printer drivers.
3064* img library: When creating a 3d file, ignore img_XSECT if we've been asked
3065  to write a file format version which doesn't support it.
3067Changes in 1.1.5 (2005.09.20):
3069* (MS Windows version): aven: Fixed crash on start-up (introduced in 1.1.4).
3071* aven: Make blobs round like they are in Survex 1.0.
3073* aven: If the graphics drivers don't support drawing blobs using OpenGL
3074  point markers, fall back to drawing filled circles.
3076* aven: If the graphics drivers support it, draw crosses as texture mapped
3077  OpenGL point markers which is much faster.
3079* aven: Cross size increased to match Survex 1.0.
3081* aven: We must update which blobs are displayed if display of surface or
3082  underground legs is toggled.
3084* cavern: Fix handling of a *solve followed by survey data, none of which is
3085  attached to the previous data.
3087* cavern: Fixed "No survey data" error when a *solve is followed by another
3088  *solve (or the implicit solve at the end of processing) with no data between
3089  them.
3091Changes in 1.1.4 (2005.09.19):
3093* aven: Added Aven's icon to the "About" dialog.
3095* aven: Use localised character for the decimal point (e.g. "," in most
3096  continental European countries).
3098* aven: Previously the survey tree would get focus and then take keypresses
3099  (e.g. "P", "L", "Delete").  Now we pass most keypresses across so they
3100  operate on the cave, and transfer the input focus across when we do.
3102* aven: Make pressing "Return" in the tree control expand/collapse a subtree.
3104* aven: Speed up intialisation by delaying creation of OpenGL lists until
3105  they're needed.
3107* aven: Added Mark Shinwell's bounding box with shadow of the survey.
3109* aven: Disable the "Tubes" button/menu item when there's no LRUD data.
3111* aven: Reworded "Restore Default Settings" as "Restore Default View".
3113* (Unix version): aven: Set sensible default margins for printing and preserve
3114  any margin values the user specifies between runs (previously margins
3115  defaulted to 0 each time aven was run).
3117* Documentation: Document *DATA PASSAGE in the manual.
3119Changes in 1.1.3 (2005.09.07):
3121* (Microsoft Windows version): Fixed build problems.
3123* cavern: Allow OMIT character (-) for left/right/up/down.
3125* aven: Remove an unnecessary menu separator.
3127* aven: Fix "Find" and "Hide" toolbar buttons to work with GTK2.0.
3129* aven: Make the tooltip for "Hide" show the number of found stations.
3131* aven: If * or ? is used in a glob-style pattern, force a non-substring match.
3133* aven: Enable "New Presentation" when there's a 3d file loaded, rather than
3134  when there's a presentation loaded.
3136* aven: Make entrances green in side panel tree list to match green blobs used
3137  in cave view.
3139* aven: Don't show surface labels if we're not showing surface data, etc.
3141* aven: Merge "Start Rotation" and "Stop Rotation" into "Toggle Rotation" and
3142  make "Space" the key for this.  Keep Return working "Stop Rotation" so
3143  existing users are happy, but don't advertise it.
3145* aven: Normalise filename by adding any extension used, and use the normalised
3146  filename for file history and window title.
3148* (Unix version): aven: Stop setting extra toolbar margin when using GTK2.0
3149  as the toolbar buttons already have a sensible margin - the extra margin is
3150  only needed with GTK1.2.
3152* aven: Fix handling of plumb legs in tube model.
3154* aven: Fixed swapped L and R in tube model.
3156* extend: Preserve UD cross-section information in extended elevation.
3158* extend: Add new messages for John Pybus' enhancements.
3160Changes in 1.1.2 (never formally released):
3162* Added support for LRUD data in .svx files, in .3d files, and aven can
3163  now load and display it on screen and on printouts.  The ability to "fake"
3164  LRUD data in aven is gone for now but will reappear in some form later.
3166* cavern: Removed support for writing Chasm's 3dx format.  We're going to
3167  fold any desirable missing chasm functionality into aven.
3169* aven: Rearranged mouse actions as discussed on the mailing list.  Added
3170  cursors for each different mouse action to help the user learn what each
3171  does.  Also added cursors for the "compass" and "clino" as well as the
3172  scalebar to suggest to the user that they can be dragged to change the view.
3174* (Unix version): aven: Don't segfault if LANG isn't a known language.
3176* tests/smoketest.tst: If X windows is running, check that we can run aven
3177  with --help and --version.
3179* tests/cavern.tst: Fixed cavern.tst to warn if it is skipping a test because
3180  no results are listed for it.  This revealed that there was a "newline" test
3181  which should have been called "badnewline", and was a broken testcase too!
3182  Fixed all these problems.
3184* cavern: Applied Simeon Warner's patch for handling backcompass, backclino,
3185  and omitted forward compass/clino readings in Compass DAT files.  Added
3186  a feature test for this to the testsuite.
3188* It no longer makes sense to have an option not to build aven or to build aven
3189  without OpenGL so remove old machinery for this from configure and the
3190  sources.
3192* (Unix version): configure: Check if "-lXxf86vm" is needed.
3194* configure: Better output for strcasecmp test.
3196* aven: Fix crosses to work much better.  Not a total fix - their position
3197  in the Z buffer isn't correct and they're rather slow to plot.
3199* aven: Don't regenerate the hittest grid every time the mouse moves while
3200  animating, which solves the mysterious pausing effect (thanks go to Martin
3201  Green for spotting this!)  Also clear all the status bar coordinates when
3202  animating.
3204* aven: Sort out clashing menu shortcuts in some languages.
3206* aven: Fixed compilation problem on x86_64
3208* SPUD: Pruned out stuff which has been done or which is not actually relevant
3209  to this branch.
3211* Merge various changes from 1.0 branch:
3213  + aven: Port over "printing from aven" functionality.
3215  + aven: Port over "export as" functionality,
3217  + Add David Loeffler's vim mode for .svx files.
3219* aven: Fix check for whether a label is behind us in perspective view.
3221* aven: Don't use an opengl list for drawing the indicators - we typically make
3222  a new list each time we plot them anyway.
3224* Remove lingering traces of support for RISC OS and pre-386 MSDOS
3226* aven: Set icon on non-Windows platforms too.  This means that with
3227  WindowMaker on Unix you get an icon on the AppIcon by default.
3229* configure: Update wxWindows checks to handle newer wx versions.
3231* Make all maintainer perl scripts "use bytes;" to avoid utf-8 double encoding
3232  problems.  They also all require Perl 5.8 now (hopefully this isn't an issue
3233  for anyone building from CVS).
3235* acinclude.m4: Quote macro name for fix autotools warning.
3237* Documentation: "tilt up" is "'" not ",".
3239* aven: Add support for mousewheels (to tilt the cave).
3241* aven: Fixed twisted transitions to and from pitches in certain cases.
3243* aven: Pick a sensible initial window size when the user's desktop is spread
3244  over more than one monitor (works best with wx2.5 or newer, but try to do
3245  better with wx2.4 or earlier as well).
3247* aven: Initialise GfxCore slightly later to avoid visual glitch from notebook
3248  contents being visible before any survey is loaded.
3250* aven: Allow a coloured texture to be used
3252* aven: Don't initialise until we have data (to the user, this means the window
3253  is default colour (grey for most systems) not black until a survey is
3254  loaded).
3256* aven: Fixed weird "shadowed" icons.
3258Changes in 1.1.1 (2004-10-06):
3260* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Hopefully fix loading a survey file at
3261  startup.
3263* aven: Delay loading the bitmap for the "About" dialog until it is first
3264  needed.  We want start up to be as quick as possible.
3266Changes between 1.0.32 and 1.1.0 (never formally released):
3268* NOTE: Survex 1.1.X releases are development snapshots made available for
3269  the purposes of allowing wider testing and getting more user feedback.  Once
3270  the code has stabilised the version number will be raised to 1.2.0.
3272* aven: Now uses OpenGL for 3d rendering - you may need to install drivers if
3273  you're using Windows 95 - these can be obtained from:
3276* aven: Solid passages - passage dimensions are currently inferred from
3277  the leg length (pretty effective as you can measure longer legs in
3278  larger passages).  Use of real LRUD data coming soon...
3280* aven: Depth colouring is now continuously varying.
3282* aven: Colour by depth can now be turned off (and there's the start of a
3283  framework for properly implementing colour by date, error, etc).
3285* aven: Find stations moved onto the toolbar and now uses a simple wildcarded
3286  match (? matches any character, * matches any number of characters).
3288* aven: We now use the status bar for coordinates, distances, etc to make
3289  better use of screen space.
3291* aven: Full screen mode (F11).
3293* aven: Perspective view.
3295* aven: Context sensitive cursor shape - needs more work.
3297* aven: Mouse actions changed (hopefully they're now more natural, but
3298  you may find the change disorientating - feedback wanted on this).
3300* aven: Added "presentations" which allow you to set up fly-through paths
3301  and load/save/run them.
3303* aven: A presentation can be exported as a movie file.
3305* aven: Added Save screenshot facility.
3307* aven: Depth fogging option.
3309* aven: Added Smooth Lines option.
3311* aven: Added Textured Walls option.
3313* aven: If a survey has surface legs but no underground legs, default to
3314  showing the surface legs.
3316* cavern: Dates given to *date are now stored in the 3d file.
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