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Update for 1.2.39

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  • NEWS

    rc9a6e18 r9fe70e44  
     1Changes in 1.2.39 (2019-06-29):
     3* Support versions 5.x and 6.x of the PROJ library we use for handling
     4  conversions between coordinate systems.  Reported by Bas Couwenberg
     5  in #102, by Richard Knapp in #103 and by Martin Sluka in email.
     7* (Unix and Mac OS versions): When checking if something is a file or if it is
     8  a directory, we no longer treat a symlink as being neither, but instead
     9  return an answer based on what the symlink points to.
     11* aven:
     13  + Improve handling of hidden splay ends.  Previously, hidden splay ends still
     14    served as "targets" for snapping the mouse pointer to, and still got
     15    crosses when crosses were enabled.  We don't have a handy flag for "this is
     16    the outer end of a splay" and computing that on demand isn't so easy to do,
     17    so for now we use the "anonymous station" flag so at least these cases now
     18    behave properly for splays to anonymous stations (which is likely to be
     19    what people with huge numbers of splays from disto-x, etc are using).  This
     20    does mean that anonymous stations on continuation passages will incorrectly
     21    also be off when splays are hidden, but that seems an OK trade-off for now
     22    and a definite improvement over the previous situation.  The snapping of
     23    the mouse pointer was reported by Frank Tully in #105.
     25  + Fix typo in export UI (CVS should be CSV).
     27* Documentation:
     29  + Add CSV to documented list of survexport output formats.
     31  + Fix *declination syntax synopsis - "auto" is a literal string, not a
     32    placeholder.
     34  + Update PROJ project name and website - the name is now "PROJ" (all caps and
     35    no ".4" suffix) and the website is now:
     37* Install gtksourceview-3.0 language file so .svx files now get syntax
     38  highlighting in gedit and other GtkSourceView-based editors.  Patch
     39  from Philip Withnall.  Fixes #98.
     41* (Microsoft Windows version): The Survex installer doesn't uninstall the old
     42  version when you upgrade, but just overwrites it with the new version.  In
     43  1.2.35 cad3d.exe was replaced with survexport.exe, but a user upgrading from
     44  an older version would still have cad3d.exe from that old version.  We now
     45  remove any old cad3d.exe left over from a previous install in the same
     46  location to avoid confusion.
     48* Add a few more message translations.
     50* Fix warnings when built with a C++11 compiler.
    152Changes in 1.2.38 (2019-03-02):

    rc9a6e18 r9fe70e44  
    44dnl long enough, that we might as well just require that.
    6 AC_INIT([survex], [1.2.38], [])
     6AC_INIT([survex], [1.2.39], [])
    77AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.5 gnu -Wall -Wportability -Werror])
  • doc/manual.sgml

    rc9a6e18 r9fe70e44  
    8383<article Status="draft" id="index">
    8484 <articleinfo>
    85   <Title><Application>Survex</Application> <!--VERSION-->1.2.38 Manual</Title>
     85  <Title><Application>Survex</Application> <!--VERSION-->1.2.39 Manual</Title>
    8686  <AuthorGroup>
    8787   <Author>
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