Welcome to Survex's Trac

Trac combines the functionality of a bug tracker, a wiki, and a source code repository browser.

This trac installation requires you to register before you can report a bug or edit a wiki page. We do this partly to discourage wiki-spammers and partly so that we can seek more information about a reported bug, or ask the reporter to test a fix. So we ask that you leave a valid email address when you register. We won't use it for any purpose other than contacting you about bugs or wiki contributions.

Starting Points

  • Register to use the Survex trac installation
    • Tip: If you don't get the confirmation e-mail, try adding nobody at to your address book - this helps for hotmail, and perhaps other mail providers.
  • Report a bug (if you have a feature request, just enter it as a bug)
  • Release notes (for 1.1.13 and later)
  • Complete list of local wiki pages

Help Make Survex Better

  • Report any bugs you find
  • Help translate Survex into other languages. There's no need to try to do it all in one go - feel free to just submit (or email in) small batches of changes. And let us know if anything isn't clear. To work on a translation, you can:
    • work online using Launchpad's web UI (this requires creating a free account).
    • download the "po" files and use a program designed to work with them (for example, poedit) - po files can be downloaded from (they're named language_code.po - use the "Original format" link at the bottom of the page for a particular po file to download it).
    • download the "po" files, then edit using a text editor (but make sure your editor knows they use the UTF-8 character encoding). If you're doing this, you may prefer to use these cut-down files with just the messages which are new or for which the English version has changed (the latter are marked with "fuzzy":
  • How to checkout the code from our version control system
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