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note missing src rpm and svxdoc-doswin

Known Issues with 1.1.3


  • Now uses a Unicode build of wxWidgets, which required major internal changes, so this version may have new bugs due to this. Please report any you find (unless they are already listed here).


  • The source RPM hasn't been built (the make_release script needs fixing) - but you can build an RPM from the source tarball with:
rpmbuild -ta survex-1.1.13.tar.gz 

Microsoft Windows

  • Loading and saving of filenames with accented characters may not work in some cases.
  • Presentation>Export as Movie... doesn't work (because the required library isn't currently built in).
  • The "other forms of documentation" download (svxdoc-doswin-1.1.13.exe) isn't available for this release, but the usual HTML documentation is in the main installer.