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#55 fixed Fix terrain rendering to not show terrain through itself Olly Betts Olly Betts

The terrain is rendered with a Z-prepass, which is supposed to achieve the desired effect.

This actually worked on my netbook running a rather ancient Ubuntu version and with a hand-built wxWidgets 2.9.5 (though the wx version seems less likely to matter), but not since upgrading it, and not on two other Debian machines I have tried.

I modified the glxgears program to use a Z-prepass, and that seems to work, so I just need to determine what's different in aven.

#58 wontfix About box photo missing on OS X Olly Betts Olly Betts

Phil Maynard reports that on 10.6.8 the about dialog throws up an assertion failure when opened:

../src/osx/core/bitmap.cpp(1501): assert "IsOK()" failed in GetHeight(): invalid bitmap

If you answer "No" to "Do you want to stop the program?" you get the about dialog, but the cave image is missing (only image is the aven icon).

This sounds like it is failing to load aven-about.png - most of the code just quietly handles that, but the minimum height for the sizer is unconditionally set to the height of the bitmap. If I delete this image on Linux, I get the same assertion, so I've fixed that part in commit [4c0a0a22e7b890c84e2c1da4e182e5212ee1aa53/git].

That leaves the question of why the image is failing to load. I tested the about dialog worked on OS X at some point between 1.2.18 and 1.2.19, and didn't get this assertion, so it may be related to the OS X version, or to changes after that.

#61 fixed Units option on *calibrate Olly Betts Andrew

Currently the calibrate adjusts for the offset then multiplies by the scale factor, which works for a stretched tape with the end missing *calibrate tape 0.05 0.752

But of things like mounting a DistoX in a waterproof case the offset will be measured with another device so will not want scaling

Suggestion is to allow the addition of units to the offset if the scale factor should not be applied, this should allow the original format to continue to work while adding functionality.

if not units

real = ( reading - offset) * scale

If units eg *calibrate tape -0.05m 0.752

real = reading * scale - offset
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