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#44 fixed Allow measuring line to be started from an anon station Olly Betts Olly Betts

You can't currently click on an anonymous station to set the point to measure from, but you can click on a named station and measure to an anonymous one.

Currently the anchored end of the measuring line corresponds to the selected entry in the survey tree, but anonymous stations don't appear there, so it might need some reworking to allow them to be measured from.

#46 fixed Handle multiple versions of the same leg better Olly Betts Olly Betts

Pockettopo measures 3 versions of each leg, and if you feed such data into cavern it treats each version as a separate leg, producing a very loopy network which takes a while to solve.

Ideally we want to average the repeat readings in this case, and then solve the network treating each set of such readings as one leg. That would also make the leg count saner.

Not sure if we just always do this when we have multiple readings between two points, or if we only consider consecutive readings. The later is probably easier to implement if nothing else.

#47 fixed [Mac] Clicking on station randomly changes the view Olly Betts Hugh St.Lawrence

comments on Mac version...

  • processing a .svx file does not produce a log file - so unable to get length/depth details of survey
  • clicking on a station in Aven view most times resets the view to some random angle or size/magnification....sometimes flipping the survey 180º !
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