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#9 fixed 'Find' doesn't work after opening a new file. Olly Betts Duncan Collis

If text has been typed into the find box and a new .3d file is opened, no stations are highlighted even after clicking the find button. Workaround is to delete and retype the final character in the find box.

#111 fixed 1.2.42 colours legs not in loop as blue Olly Betts Bruce Mutton

Version 1.2.37 and earlier did not colour legs that are not part of a loop. This is the correct behaviour I expect. Version 1.2.42 colours all legs dark blue, for the particular survey I am looking at, whether or not they are in a loop. The survey was processed with 1.2.42, so this particular instance seems not to be a cross version issue.

#42 duplicate 3dformat documentation not readable online Olly Betts Wookey

The release contains 3dformat.htm, but whilst the main manual is made available to read online at the 3dformat doc does not appear to be, which means you can't easily send someone a URL pointing to the docs. People would be a lot more likely to find the docs if they were discoverable in this way.

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