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#9 fixed 'Find' doesn't work after opening a new file. Olly Betts Duncan Collis

If text has been typed into the find box and a new .3d file is opened, no stations are highlighted even after clicking the find button. Workaround is to delete and retype the final character in the find box.

#111 fixed 1.2.42 colours legs not in loop as blue Olly Betts Bruce Mutton

Version 1.2.37 and earlier did not colour legs that are not part of a loop. This is the correct behaviour I expect. Version 1.2.42 colours all legs dark blue, for the particular survey I am looking at, whether or not they are in a loop. The survey was processed with 1.2.42, so this particular instance seems not to be a cross version issue.

#112 invalid 3D files generated by Therion do not allow you to click on splay legs in Aven Olly Betts Tarquin Wilton-Jones

Use Therion to export a .3d file that has anonymous splay legs ("-"). Open the .3d file in Aven. Enable splays (eg. "view - splays - fade"). Try to click on the end of a splay leg; nothing happens, they are not selectable. This makes it impossible to measure distances between splays, such as when trying to measure the height of a pitch from its lip to the base.

Use Cavern to export a .3d using equivalent data with anonymous splay legs (".."). This time you can click on the end of a splay leg.

It is possible that this is because Therion has intentionally chosen a different type of point for the end of the splay. If so, this is a Therion bug rather than a Survex bug.

Tested on Windows 10 and Linux.

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