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(edit) @0a9b040   7 years Olly Betts,src/img.c: Use lround() instead of round(), and make the … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @cc69cf5   7 years Olly Betts,src/ Use avcodec_free_frame() if it's available. line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @64d06c0   7 years Olly Betts,src/,src/moviemaker.h: Update movie export … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @c527c6e   7 years Olly Betts,src/ Probe for libproj. line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @e34bebc   7 years Olly Betts NEWS, Update for 1.2.7. line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @71c2c3f   7 years Olly Betts,debian/survex.install,src/ Build and package … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @43ddd8b   8 years Olly Betts,doc/3dformat-old.htm: Split off a copy of the current … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @55ee200   8 years Olly Betts Update copyright date. line_contentsstereotravis-osx last-good
(edit) @631fa17   8 years Olly Betts Fix sizeof(wxChar) test to work for wx2.9. line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @ee63994   8 years Olly Betts,src/,src/glbitmapfont.h: It seems we need to … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @a5d615f   8 years Olly Betts Fix wxChar test to work in a non-cross-compiled build. line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @30b66b5   8 years Olly Betts,src/ Check sizeof(wxChar) at configure … line_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @6b536b3   8 years Olly Betts,src/img.c: Avoid warning about redeclaration of round(). add-show-splaysline_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @5b7b184   8 years Olly Betts Fix package name, broken during modernisation of … add-show-splaysline_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @6e0cdc2c   8 years Olly Betts, Modern automake seems to cope with files … add-show-splaysline_contentsstereotravis-osx
(edit) @d260645   8 years Olly Betts,,,lib/ Update … add-show-splaysline_contentsstereotravis-osx
(add) @147b12b   8 years Olly Betts,,,doc/, … add-show-splaysline_contentsstereotravis-osx
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