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tests/: Move the annotations for each test case out of cavern.tst and
into a comment in the first line of the .svx file which is the input
for the test.

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 905 bytes
1./normal_bad.svx:4:5: Field may not be omitted
2./normal_bad.svx:5: Compass reading may not be omitted except on plumbed legs
3./normal_bad.svx:6:3: Character "*" not allowed in station name (use *SET NAMES to set allowed characters)
5Removing trailing traverses...
7Concatenating traverses...
9Simplifying network...
11Calculating network...
13Calculating traverses...
15Calculating trailing traverses...
17Calculating statistics...
19Survey contains 2 survey stations, joined by 1 leg.
20There are 0 loops.
21Total length of survey legs =    2.13m (   2.13m adjusted)
22Total plan length of survey legs =    2.13m
23Total vertical length of survey legs =    0.00m
24Vertical range = 0.00m (from 1a at 0.00m to 1a at 0.00m)
25North-South range = 2.08m (from 1a at 2.08m to 1 at 0.00m)
26East-West range = 0.44m (from 1a at 0.44m to 1 at 0.00m)
27   2 1-nodes.
28There were 0 warning(s) and 3 error(s) - no output files produced.
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