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1Installing Survex on macOS
4Next to the INSTALL file that you are currently reading is the Survex folder.
5To install, just drag this folder to your Applications folder (you will need to
6be logged in at an Administrator level to do this), or drag it to a folder
7under your home folder.
9The programs alongside need to be run from the command-line (open
12 * extend produces extended elevations - this is probably the most useful of
13   these command line tools.  Since version 1.2.27 you can produce simple
14   extended elevations from Aven using the "Extended Elevation" function.
15   However the command line tool allows you to specify a spec file to control
16   how the survey is extended, which you can't currently do via Aven.
18 * cavern processes survey data, but since version 1.2.3 you can process .svx
19   files by simply opening them with, so you no longer need to run
20   cavern from the command line.  The main reason to run cavern directly is for
21   use in scripts.
23 * diffpos compares the positions of stations in two .3d, .pos, etc files.
25 * sorterr sorts a .err file by a specified field.
27 * survexport provides access to Aven's "Export" functionality from the command
28   line which can be useful in scripts.
30 * dump3d dumps out a list of the items in a .3d file - it's mainly useful for
31   debugging.
33Known shortcomings specific to the macOS version of Survex
36These could be reproduced with Survex 1.2.19 when built using wxWidgets 3.0.2:
38 * On macOS, usually you can push the mouse pointer against the top of the
39   screen to get the menu bar to appear, but this doesn't seem to work for
40   aven.  As a workaround, aven detects if you're trying to do this and
41   drops out of full-screen mode, which isn't perfect but beats being stuck
42   in full screen mode.
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