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1Installing Survex on Mac OS X
4Next to the INSTALL file that you are currently reading is the Survex
5directory.  To install, just drag this directory to your Applications folder.
6You will need to be logged in at an Administrator level to do this.
8Note that since version 1.2.3, you can process .svx files by simply opening
9them with aven.
11Known shortcomings specific to the Mac OS X version of Survex
14These could be reproduced with Survex 1.2.17 when built using wxWidgets 3.0.2:
16- Pushing the pointer to the top of the screen when in full screen mode doesn't
17  make the menu bar appear
18- The movie export code in aven isn't enabled
19- The tool bar icons in aven are a bit big and fuzzy
20- Icon for is just scaled up from low-res version
21- You can't load files from the finder into svxedit by clicking or dragging
22  them onto the icon
23- The programs alongside and need to be run from the
24  command-line (open
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