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1Installing Survex on MacOS X
4Next to the INSTALL file that you are currently reading is the
5Survex directory.  To install, just drag this directory to your
6Applications folder.  You will need to be logged in at an
7Administrator level to do this.
9At present, you'll need to use the command line (via
10to process survey data.  Once it is processed, you can view it from
11the desktop using Aven.
13Known shortcomings in the MacOS version of Aven
16- About dialog doesn't show.
17- Green colour in the tree view is too light.
18- Not always as responsive as under X Windows.
19- Spurious menu bar items appear whilst application is launching.
20- Spurious Help menu sometimes appears.
21- Spurious "Please wait" dialog appears whilst printing.
22- Full screen mode not supported.
23- GL canvas isn't correct size before a file is opened (should be hidden).
24- Icons need sorting out.
25- The mouse cursor never changes to different shapes.
26- Should be packaged with a proper installer.
27- Run actions for filetypes in Finder are needed (including for .svx etc).
28- Drag-and-drop into Aven window should be supported.
29- Information in "Get Info" for the application needs updating properly.
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