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INSTALL,lib/INSTALL.OSX,src/, Require at least
wxWidgets 2.8.0 - it was released just over 6 years ago now,
and the wx developers consider even 2.8 to be rather long in
the tooth. I haven't test build with wx 2.6 for more than a year
and it's no longer packaged for Debian. Dropping support for
older wx allows a number of workarounds to be removed.

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1Installing Survex on Mac OS X
4Next to the INSTALL file that you are currently reading is the Survex
5directory.  To install, just drag this directory to your Applications folder.
6You will need to be logged in at an Administrator level to do this.
8Since version 1.2.3, you can process .svx files by simply opening them with
11Known shortcomings in the Mac OS X version of Aven
14These could be reproduced with 1.2.2 plus a few patches, when using wxWidgets
17- About dialog doesn't show.
18- Spurious Help menu appears after opening any other menu.
19- Spurious "Please wait" dialog appears whilst printing (cosmetic issue, not
20  too intrusive).
21- Status bar during full screen mode.
22- Redraw artifacts before loading a survey.
23- Icon for application bundle.
24- Custom cursors are quite small.
25- Put everything into the app bundle?
26- Run actions for filetypes in Finder are needed (including for .svx etc).
27- Drag-and-drop into Aven window should be supported.
29Issues noted by Mark Shinwell originally which Dan and I couldn't reproduce with
301.2.2 plus a few patches:
32- Not always as responsive as under X Windows.
33- Spurious menu bar items appear whilst application is launching.
34- GL canvas isn't correct size before a file is opened (should be hidden).
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