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Patch to fix cypolar typo

  • doc/manual.sgml

    commit 9a6a2039059a3266c72493266e6027234b6c1213
    Author: Wookey <wookey@debian.org>
    Date:   Tue Jul 14 20:00:42 2020 +0100
        Fix typo in doc 'cypolar'->'cylpolar'
    diff --git a/doc/manual.sgml b/doc/manual.sgml
    index 54d07f6..af42fda 100644
    a b A CYLPOLAR style survey is very similar to a diving survey, except that the tape 
    17441744is always measured horizontally rather than along the slope of the leg.
    1747 *data cypolar from to tape compass fromdepth todepth
     1747*data cylpolar from to tape compass fromdepth todepth
    174817481 2 9.45 311 -13.3 -19.0</programlisting>