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aven: cleaned up plotting of crosses, special points, and highlighted points;
measuring line now snaps to the nearest point to the mouse pointer, not just
*a* point near the mouse pointer.

printps/printhpgl: Fixed --skip-blanks which would incorrectly skip non-blank
pages on rare occasions.

cavern: implemented "*units clino percent".

cavern: added error if the *units factor is zero (e.g. "*units tape 0 feet").

cavern: removed the ill-thought-out and never implemented LENGTHOUTPUT
and ANGLEOUTPUT quantities.

(Unix version): uninstalled binaries now use the path they are run with to
find support files, which means SURVEXHOME is no longer required, and has
been removed.

Rearranged messages a little to remove a few cavern messages in the middle
of the aven ones.

Removed a few needless inclusions of header files, and unused #define-s.

compile_error_skip() added to do compile_error() then skipline().

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