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NEWS: Update.

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    rc11ceba rdd65182  
     1c11ceba6 (Olly Betts 2015-03-06 23:30:34 +1300    1) Fri Mar 06 10:30:26 GMT 2015  Olly Betts <>
     3Changes in 1.2.18 (2015-03-07):
     5* cavern: Warn if fore and back measurements differ by more than 3 SDs, rather
     6  than just by 2 SDs.
     8* aven: Add a menu item and toolbar button to show the cavern log window if the
     9  currently shown survey data was processed by aven.  Reported by Hugh St
     10  Lawrence in #47, and by Dave Clucas and others previously on the list.
     12* aven : Add "Save Log" button to Aven's cavern log window.
     14* doc/manual.sgml: Add complete list of quantities you can set SDs for.  Thanks
     15  for Wookey for highlighting that the previous list was incomplete.
     17* aven: Make the button to dismiss the "About" dialog "OK" rather than "Close",
     18  which seems more logical, and also allows the dialog to be closed by pressing
     19  "Escape".
     21* aven: Don't round bearing and tilt angles to integers when printing and
     22  exporting.
     24* aven: In cavern log window, highlight "error" markers in red and "warning"
     25  markers in orange.
     27* aven: Aven's support for reading colours and font sizes for printouts from
     28  print.ini has never worked - the contents of the ini files are ignored due to
     29  a bug which has been there since the code was added in 2005 - but nobody has
     30  ever complained.  So just strip out that code entirely - we should support
     31  setting the colours and font sizes, but a GUI interface for setting them
     32  would be better.
     34* cavern: Include column number when a *include file isn't found.
     36* cavern: Show 'error' in front of error messages, like we show 'warning' in
     37  front of warnings.  Fixes #48, reported by Wookey.
     39* aven: Rework code to read cavern's output.  In particular, we no longer mix
     40  buffered I/O with select() on the file descriptor.
     42* aven: Fix to compile with a Unicode build of wxWidgets 2.8.  Reported by Bill
     43  Gee.
     45* aven: Add JSON export.
     47* If we run out of memory while reading a processed survey data file, include
     48  the filename in the error message.
     50        * lib/: More translation updates.
     52        * lib/el.po: Fix language code in file to be 'el'.
     54        * lib/hu.po: Change '...' to ellipses.
     55        * lib/hu.po: Add missing quotes.
     56        * lib/hu.po: Use curly double quotes.
     57        * lib/hu.po: Remove erroneous quotes from message.
     59        * lib/ru.po: Merge more translation updates from "vsuhachev".
     61        * lib/id.po: Merged translation updates from "Cave ID" - all messages
     62          are now translated into Indonesian!
     64        * doc/TODO.htm: Update.
    166Changes in 1.2.17 (2015-02-24):
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