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Update for 1.2.28

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  • NEWS

    r5846a74 r99b3298  
     1Changes in 1.2.28 (2016-08-06):
     3* aven:
     5  + Include LRUD in printout/export of extended elevations, broken by
     6    improvements to export of tilted elevations in 1.2.27.  Reported by Anthony
     7    Day.
     9  + Name <trk> tags in GPX output, so Garmin GPS units name the imported track
     10    usefully.  Reported by Anthony Day.
     12  + Remember scale from previous print or export operation in the same run of
     13    aven.  Suggested by Stuart Bennett.
     15  + Fix colouring of error/warning without column in cavern log window.
     17  + Fix click on error/warning without column in cavern log window.
     19  + Avoid special "1000" scale entry when exporting.
     21  + Show 1 page when "One Page" selected.
     23  + Reload processed data when restricting view.  Fixes failure when
     24    restricting view on data just processed via aven.  Spotted by Andrew
     25    Atkinson and myself.
     27  + Don't hide blobs and crosses behind terrain.  Reported by Jenny Black.
     29  + Fix rendering of crosses using point sprites.  The texture being used was
     30    misaligned relative to the image used for the visual fidelity check, so the
     31    check always failed and point sprites would never be used.  Where point
     32    sprites are supported, they're probably the fastest option - on my netbook
     33    this change improves FPS by ~6 fold when displaying crosses for a large
     34    survey.
     36  + Support drawing blobs using point sprites.  About 5 times faster than using
     37    lines on my netbook.
     39  + Recheck how best to draw crosses and blobs on the first run after Survex
     40    is upgraded (or downgraded) as the rendering code may have changed (we
     41    already recheck when the OpenGL hardware or driver changes).
     43  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix corrupted exported movie files.  1.2.27
     44    changed the movie export code to allow writing to files with non-ASCII
     45    characters in the names, but the new code failed to open the file in binary
     46    mode, leading to corrupt output.  Fixes #81, reported by Erin Lynch.
     48* Fix to build without FFmpeg/libav, broken by changes in 1.2.27.  Reported by
     49  James Begley.
     51* Merge catalan translation updates from Adolfo Jayme.
    153Changes in 1.2.27 (2016-06-06):

    r5846a74 r99b3298  
    44dnl long enough, that we might as well just require that.
    6 AC_INIT([survex], [1.2.27], [])
     6AC_INIT([survex], [1.2.28], [])
    77AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.5 gnu -Wall -Wportability -Werror])
  • doc/manual.sgml

    r5846a74 r99b3298  
    8383<article Status="draft" id="index">
    8484 <articleinfo>
    85   <Title><Application>Survex</Application> <!--VERSION-->1.2.27 Manual</Title>
     85  <Title><Application>Survex</Application> <!--VERSION-->1.2.28 Manual</Title>
    8686  <AuthorGroup>
    8787   <Author>
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