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Message:,xvfb-run: We no longer need an X display to run ISCC
under Wine, so just run wine directly and removed version of
Debian's xvfb-run script. Pass variables to configure on the command line
rather than in the enviornment. Running "make distcheck" no longer
fails extend.tst, so remove comment about that. Use case rather
than expr to check what we've been asked to build. Update to use
unicode wx-config script for wxmsw. The wxmsw build spews warnings
about aliasing issues, so turn on -fno-strict-aliasing to avoid any
potential bugs from that. Enable -Werror for the wxmsw build. Update list of files we package for wxmsw
(add pt and sk) and where we copy them from. Copy the unofficial
InnoSetup? i18n files (.isl) from lib.

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