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NEWS: Update.

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    re0c2dfb r0ecf3b1  
     1Tue Jan 14 21:51:58 GMT 2014  Olly Betts <>
     3        * NEWS: Update.
    15Tue Jan 14 21:39:34 GMT 2014  Olly Betts <>
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    re0c2dfb r0ecf3b1  
     1e0c2dfb360fe21d632cfc2521226674d0bcf4812 (Not Committed Yet 2014-01-15 10:49:35 +1300    1) Tue Jan 14 21:39:34 GMT 2014  Olly Betts <>
     3Changes in 1.2.10 (2014-01-15):
     5* aven: Fix assertion if two mouse buttons are held down at the same time.
     6  If dragging with more than one mouse button held down, releasing one causes
     7  another which is still held down to take effect.  Reported by Brian
     8  Clipstone.
     10* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Fix crash on "File->Print" or
     11  "File->Export" under Windows XP, reported by Brian Clipstone.
     13* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Fix error dialog about an incorrectly
     14  encoded filename which could occur if run without being asked to load a file
     15  on startup.
     17* (Microsoft Windows version): aven: Compile with optimisation on.
     19* img library, aven: Although processed CMAP data files are often referred to
     20  as "CMAP .XYZ files", it seems that actually, the extension .XYZ isn't used,
     21  rather .SHT (shot variant, produced by CMAP v16 and later), .UNA (unadjusted)
     22  and .ADJ (adjusted) extensions are.  Since we've long checked for .XYZ, we
     23  continue to do so in case anyone is relying on it, but also check for the
     24  other extensions.
     26* doc/manual.sgml: Update references to Survex 1.1 which should be to 1.2.
     28* doc/manual.sgml: Note the station length limit Smaps used.
     30* cavern: Fix NULL pointer dereference when processing Compass DAT file without
     31  'SURVEY DATE:'.
     33* img library: Add new "datestamp_numeric" field to struct img giving the
     34  datestamp as a time_t in UTC (or (time_t)-1 if there's no datestamp or we
     35  failed to convert it).  For .3d >= v8, this field is reliable.  We attempt to
     36  convert date strings in .3d <= v7 and CMAP XYZ files, but may get the
     37  timezone wrong.
     39* img library: Fix my_strcasecmp() to handle top-bit set characters better.
     41* aven: If the survey has a title, add it as a top-level <title> element to
     42  exported SVG files.
     44* aven: Escape '<', '>', and '&' in labels in exported SVG files.
     46* aven: In GPX export, set the <time> element to the datestamp from the 3d
     47  file.
     49* aven: Don't try to write the title if it isn't set or is empty when exporting
     50  GPX files.
     52* aven: Don't bother looking up the printer page setup info when exporting.
    154Changes in 1.2.9 (2014-01-08):
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