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lib/messages.txt: Fold in es updates from launchpad.

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    r4667418 r01891b9  
     1Sun May 15 02:36:02 GMT 2011  Olly Betts <>
     3        * lib/messages.txt: Fold in es updates from launchpad.
    15Sun May 15 02:19:45 GMT 2011  Olly Betts <>
  • lib/messages.txt

    r4667418 r01891b9  
    25922592fr:230 &amp;Exporter...
    25932593pt,pt-br:230 &amp;Exportar...
     2594es:230 &amp;Exportar...
    25942595it:230 &amp;Esporta...
    25952596# "Rotation" menu.  The accelerators must be different within this group.
    31093110ro:281 @Anulati linia de masura##Escape
    31103111# XXX 282 283 284 285 286 287 288
    3111 # TRANSLATE fr ca es ro
     3112# TRANSLATE fr ca ro
    31123113en:289 Colour by E@rror
    31133114en-us:289 Color by E@rror
    31143115fr:289 Cou@leur par Erreur
    31153116pt:289 Colorir de acordo com E@rros
    3116 ca,es,ro:289 Colour b@y Error
     3117es:289 Color por E@rror
     3118ca,ro:289 Colour b@y Error
    31173119it:289 Colore di @Error
    31183120sk:289 Colour @by Error
    40944096fr:383 Exporter
    40954097pt,pt-br:383 Exportar
     4098es:383 Exportar
    40964099it:383 Esporta
    40974100# XXX 384 385 386 387 388 389
    41834186# %s will be replaced with "Aven" currently (and perhaps by "Survex" or other
    41844187# things in future).
    4185 # TRANSLATE ca es sk (ca/es check addition of "de %s") (sk translate "of %s")
     4188# TRANSLATE ca sk (ca check addition of "de %s") (sk translate "of %s")
    41864189en:405 This version of %s requires OpenGL to work, but it isn't available.
    41874190fr:405 Cette version de %s a besoin d'OpenGL pour fonctionner, mais il n'est pas disponible.
    41884191pt:405 Esta vers&atilde;o de %s necessita que o OpenGL funcione, mas n&atilde;o est&aacute;.
    41894192ca:405 Aquesta versi&oacute; de %s requereix OpenGL per funcionar, i no est&agrave; disponible.
    4190 es:405 Esta versi&oacute;n de %s requiere OpenGL para funcionar, y no est&aacute; disponible.
     4193es:405 Se requiere OpenGL para trabajar la versión de %s, pero no está disponible.
    41914194it:405 Questa versione di %s richiede le librerie OpenGL, ma non sono disponibili.
    41924195sk:405 T&aacute;to verzia (of %s) vy&zcaron;aduje OpenGL. To v&scaron;ak nie je dostupn&eacute;.
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